Here at Serge, we believe mission and renewal fuel each other. This is why we’ve established a Renewal team in our company that mentors our own workers and other believers in the gospel.

We know that the power of the gospel in the life of Christians can change lives, relationships, churches and teams. So, we’ve developed in-depth mentoring programs intended to equip the church and nurture a new boldness in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We offer 3 Mentoring Programs — 

Mentored Sonship

First developed for our missionaries, this time tested, one-on-one discipleship program will help you understand your need for Christ and the gospel more deeply. Over the course of 9-12 months you’ll meet with a Serge staff mentor who has vast experience helping others apply the gospel to their lives.

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Discipleship Lab Program

Discipleship Lab is a 6 month, in-depth training program designed to help Christians make disciples who then make more disciples.

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Church Leadership Development Program

Serge’s Church Leader Development Program is a customized, in-depth, personal coaching program designed to help church leaders integrate transformative gospel principles into every area of ministry resulting in healthy, gospel-centered organizations that are missionally engaged. 

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