Seeing Those You Lead with Gospel Vision

Seeing Those You Lead with Gospel Vision


Seeing Those You Lead with Gospel Vision

with Josiah Bancroft 

March 22, 2018

1 hour

A re you a ministry leader grappling with how to best lead and empower your people?

What vision does scripture give of gospel-centric leadership, and how do we pull it off in real and practical ways?

In this FREE webinar, Josiah Bancroft, Senior Director of Mission at Serge, will…

  • Build a concise case for gospel-centric leadership around the apostle Paul and his interaction with the difficult Corinthian church
  • Touch on how laying hold of the gospel for ourselves impacts our leadership in powerful ways
  • Have us look expectantly toward what God will do in and through those we lead
  • Help us apply these ideas toward the practical realities of everyday ministry life and leadership

As a leader of any sort in ministry, you’ll benefit from Josiah’s wise counsel, his vast experience, and his own gospel vision for those he leads.

About the Speaker

Josiah Bancroft

Josiah has served with Serge in a variety of roles until 2005, including team leader, pastor, field director, U.S. Director, and Missions Director. After co-pastoring Grace Community Church in Asheville, North Carolina for five years, Josiah returned to Serge in 2011 as Senior Director of Mission.  A graduate of Covenant College and Reformed Theological Seminary, Josiah planted three churches in the U.S. before he and his wife Barbara joined Serge with their three children in 1992. As a pastor, a church planter, and a missionary, Josiah has a heart to see God’s grace and power work in new ways in the church and throughout the world.

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