How We Care for Our Missionaries

As a missions-sending agency, we take a personal hands-on approach to Missionary Care.

Crisis situations, conflict with teammates, navigating struggles with children on the field… these hardships, among others, are often the reasons missionaries return home prematurely from the field.

Our missionary member care and renewal teams come alongside each one of our missionaries, personally and proactively –with the tangible support they need – to focus on the work God has called them to do.

At Serge, we want our missionaries’ work to not only be inspired but to also be sustainable – leading to greater gospel impact in the world.

We provide holistic care and support every step of the way.

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A Strong Foundation

All missionary care flows from the foundation of being sent well. We come alongside each missionary through cross-cultural training, language learning, and support raising coaching, and more in order to ensure each missionary starts with a firm foundation, enabling them to pour into their ministry faster and more effectively.

This looks like:
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Support raising
  • Business coaching
  • Guidance with visa applications
  • Networking to secure housing
  • Language learning
  • Navigating options for children’s education
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Coming alongside missionaries on the field

Team conflict and kids struggling are two major things that bring missionaries home prematurely… We equip our workers on the field with proactive solutions, helping them stay on the field for the long haul.

This looks like:
  • Home Assignment plans
  • Crisis plans for the case of possible evacuation
  • Spiritual health
  • Continued Third Culture Kid (TCK) support
  • Counseling
  • Mediation for team conflict
  • Negotiating third-party contracts
  • Resources for quality medical care in foreign countries
  • Emotional and spiritual care for difficult circumstances on the field
  • Spiritual retreats and formation resources
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Support while transitioning off the Field

Personal debriefing is very important in times of transition, and especially in times of crisis. We help returning missionaries process emotional or spiritual needs, find closure, and see how God is using their experiences to prepare them for the future.

This looks like:
  • Re-entry counseling
  • Help with discerning next steps
  • Support in communicating with churches and donors

A  Few Specific Examples:

On-Going Gospel Renewal

All Serge missionaries do one-on-one mentoring through our Sonship curriculum, developed by our founder Jack Miller.  As our first missionaries found themselves in deep conflict with teammates – we recognized our need of applying the gospel to ourselves first, even in the midst of cross-cultural ministry. Today, we have a dedicated Renewal Team that mentors our missionaries, regularly leads spiritual retreats for teams, and trains Serge missionaries on how to disciple others.

A Dedicated Third-Culture Kid Specialist

We want our missionary kids to flourish! That’s why we have an experienced and dedicated staff member to come alongside our missionaries with children to help guide them through cross-cultural transitions, visits to the US, schooling decisions – all the way through college to help each child thrive in their host country and beyond.

Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Support

Medical emergencies, political unrest, and personal crises happen often overseas, especially in remote areas. We proactively help provide resources for quality medical care in foreign countries, crisis management in face of emergency evacuations, and emotional and spiritual care for coping with difficult circumstances on the field or moments of crisis. 

In their own words...

“Serge walks with us and stands behind us as we minister the gospel overseas … The Serge office also provides vital support in recruiting more laborers, coordinating short-term teams and interns, and assessing potential new workers.

– Serge Missionaries in Ireland

“We've been with Serge for 16 years and have experienced over and over the practical care of our home office and the inspiring, pastoral care of our leadership. ... there's no other organization we'd rather work with."

– Serge Missionaries in Spain

It’s been over 20 years that we have had the privilege of serving overseas. We have undergone changes in jobs and locations, but we’ve always wanted to stay with Serge. Why? They take care of their people!

– Serge Missionaries in Kenya

Help Empower Missionaries for Greater Gospel Impact

When you give to the Missionary Care Fund, you help save a missionary from burnout, being stranded in a foreign country during a crisis, or having to leave the field prematurely from lack of resources.

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