Missionary Apprenticeship

An 18-month to 2-year cross-cultural Christian missions opportunity for hands-on service, training, and personal mentoring.

The Serge Apprenticeship is an opportunity to experience cross-cultural missions while discerning your long-term calling.

Unlike study abroad programs or gap year experiences that primarily focus on individual growth and development, a missionary apprentice actively participates in meaningful work with a positive long-term impact on communities around the world.

Each field is uniqueso rather than simply throwing you into ministry, we’ll ground your experience with culturally-contextualized training and a deep commitment to sustainability, both for you and the community you serve.

As you engage in service, we’ll walk alongside you through personal mentorship for spiritual renewal while discerning your next steps in life.


The Serge Apprenticeship Experience

No matter where you serve, these four components form the foundation of your apprenticeship experience.

Hands on
Cross-Cultural Ministry

As a Serge Apprentice, you will actively engage in hands-on ministry in your community. Your specific ministry placement will be determined by the needs of the community, your team’s focus, and your own skills, passions, and experiences. No matter how you serve, you’ll be laying down your life for the gospel, serving alongside teammates, and sharing the love of Christ with others.


We believe in the power of one-on-one mentorship for personal challenge, support, and growth. As a Serge Apprentice you’ll be paired with a mentor who will walk alongside you throughout your time overseas. Together, you’ll go through Sonship, our discipleship course designed to help you live out the power of the gospel in your daily life.

Ministry Training

As a Serge Apprentice, you’ll be guided through a comprehensive curriculum that includes training on evangelism, life in community, leadership, discipling others, justice, and mercy. This training is designed to equip you for ministry in a contextualized and thoughtful manner. The skills you gain through the apprenticeship class will propel you back into missional life with renewed vision, cultural sensitivity, and joy.


At Serge, we believe kingdom-centered prayer is an essential part of ministry. As an apprentice, you’ll become part of a team that is oriented around prayer, and you'll take a prayer trip to visit another Serge team for mutual prayer, encouragement, and further cross-cultural learning to deepen your awareness of God’s work in everything you do and learn.

Apprenticeship Locations

While the four core components of the apprenticeship remain consistent, each service location offers unique opportunities to utilize your skills and interests. We’re here to help you discover your best fit.

Czech Republic – Prague

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Kenya – Nairobi

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Middle East

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Southern Spain

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UK – London

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What Others Are Saying

Before the Apprenticeship, I thought I had exact plans of how God was going to use me and what my life was going to look like. But really, I was a little afraid to really trust God. Because of this apprenticeship, my trust in the Lord has grown and given me the courage to pursue full-time ministry and, thanks to Serge, I have the connections and tools to do so.

A Serge Apprentice in Ireland

My time as an apprentice was one of the most important and poignant times of my life. I cannot imagine who I would be or where I would be without it. From going through Sonship to living out the gospel in a community, to experiencing ministry on the field and engaging with another culture, I learned so much.

Former Serge Apprentice

If you’re exploring long-term ministry, an apprenticeship provides so much more learning and insight than a short-term trip or even a summer internship. You get to experience all the seasons of life while away from home, in the context of a supportive team…who can help point you to Jesus. It is tempting to go into missions because of a desire to "help" God, but I think an apprenticeship provides a safe place to realize that we need Jesus just as much as the people we are trying to reach.

Former Serge Apprentice

The love and generosity of the apprenticeship leaders and the gift of their friendship had a big impact on me. I loved their relational approach to ministry.

Former Serge Apprentice

I would say that the apprenticeship opened me up to think about different possibilities and made me more comfortable stepping out of my comfort zone. In some ways, after serving overseas I felt like I had done so many weird and bold things that I could easily do more.

Former Serge Apprentice

Apprenticeship FAQs

How is the apprenticeship different from a summer internship or a vocational internship?

The Serge Apprenticeship is an 18-month to 2-year opportunity where you’ll join a team of missionaries to do hands-on cross-cultural ministry and receive one-on-one mentorship and cross-cultural ministry training.

The Serge Summer Internship is a shorter 8-week opportunity to grow in the gospel and dip your toes into cross-cultural ministry alongside one of our teams. 

The Serge Vocational Internship is a 2-11 month opportunity to use your vocational skills to serve with one of our teams.

Do I have to have a college degree?

We accept college graduates or individuals with two years of independent living experience.

How much does it cost?

As a Serge Apprentice, you are paid a salary. Apprentices are required to raise 100% of their salaries, ministry expenses, and administrative expenses to serve overseas. The amount you need to raise can vary significantly depending on the country of service, marital status, experience, and job requirements.

When you are appointed to go with Serge, you are assigned a Support Coach who will guide you step-by-step through the entire support-raising process, with regular calls for check-ins and prayer. We know it can be daunting, but we also believe there’s no better way that the Lord prepares us for the field.

You can expect challenges and growth in this journey, but you can also expect a dedicated mentor along the way. You will never be walking it alone.

What if I'm married or have kids?

We love to have married couples apply for the apprenticeship! Just like for individuals, the viability of the apprenticeship for a married couple is considered on a case-by-case basis. However, we typically do not recommend this program for people with children.

What happens after the apprenticeship?

That depends! Many of our apprentices become long-term overseas workers with Serge after their apprenticeship terms are complete. While you won’t be guaranteed a long-term spot on your apprenticeship team, we love to help you discern how your skills, interests, and sense of calling might align with our teams’ work around the world.

Many of our apprentices also return to the States after their terms, whether to serve their home communities, to pursue further education, or use their skills another way.

No matter what, we believe the apprenticeship will shape you into a thoughtful, prayerful, and sustainable believer wherever God calls you next.

What's the process?

  • Fill out a Go Form to help us serve you the best we can as you explore your calling into cross-cultural ministry. After we receive your form, our mobilization team will get in touch with you within a week.
  • Conversations
    A recruiter will serve as a point of contact between you and the mission. Over the course of a few conversations with a recruiter, they will walk with you and learn about your passions, skills, and experience – and explore roles and potential locations together.
  • Application
    After conversations with your recruiter and a Serge team, we’ll send you the official application. This will be used to help us determine your fit for cross-cultural ministry, for Serge, and the Serge team on the field.. We will also ask you to gather a set of references.
  • Assessment and Orientation
    Upon reviewing your application, we’ll invite you to spend a week with us for Assessment and Orientation (A&O). A&O will introduce you to the heart of Serge — the mission’s vision, values, and history. During this week, we will get to know you through a series of interviews, come to a final decision on your appointment to the field, and equip you with the tools and resources you’ll need for your service.

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