Teaching the Bible from the Heart

Teaching the Bible from the Heart


Teaching the Bible from the Heart

with Mark Berry

Recorded on August 26, 2020

1 hour

The Bible is an essential part of any Christian walk, but to many of us, studying it can seem like a daunting task – much less teaching it!

How can we see Christ on every page, so that we can develop a more intimate relationship with Him?

How do we understand what God is telling us today and then teach it to others?

In this FREE webinar, Mark Berry, Serge Area Director for Latin America, gives you practical tools to help you…

  • Discover the original meaning of the text and learn how it speaks to us today
  • See Jesus from Genesis to Revelation
  • Connect with Jesus in a personal way so that your teaching comes from the heart

If you want to be refreshed in your own personal Bible study and you’d like help in teaching the Bible in any context, this webinar is for you!

About the Speaker

Mark Berry

Mark Berry currently serves as Area Director for Latin America for Serge, overseeing and developing missionary work in the region as well as assisting and training pastors in their church planting and pastoral ministries in local churches in Lima, Perú, where he lives with his wife Lori and their youngest daughter Hadassah (12). Their four older children are working and studying in college in the US. Mark loves the Bible and helping others understand it and see Christ as the central message.

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