How To Survive Spiritual Failure

How To Survive Spiritual Failure


How To Survive Spiritual Failure

with Barbara Duguid

Recorded on January 23, 2019

1 hour

You did it again. Screamed at your child. Gossiped about a friend. Lusted after someone other than your spouse. 

Whatever spiritual struggle you find yourself in repeatedly, this free webinar will help you see how your deepest failures can lead to your most joyful worship.

In this FREE webinar, Author Barbara Duguid will – 

  • Share 5 reasons why failure is so hard to talk about
  • Give you the language to talk about your struggle to live an obedient life
  • Help you discover more freedom in your life to love Christ and others
About the Speaker

Barbara Duguid

Best known for her book, Extravagant Grace, Barbara Duguid is an author and pastor’s wife who grew up as a missionary kid and pastor’s kid.

She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology from University of Virginia, and went on to work in a missionary hospital in Liberia for 2 years.

Barb earned an Advanced Certificate in Biblical Counseling, and has worked as a counselor, ministry assistant, writer and speaker. She has authored 3 books and continues to write and speak at conferences.

Barb’s deepest passion now is being a mom, grandma, and breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. (Her dogs have visited dementia units and comforted many people incapacitated by depression and anxiety.) The Duguids have 6 children and one grandchild, but they currently reside with their tribe of pups in Glenside, PA.

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