Toward a Resilient Calling

Toward a Resilient Calling


Toward a Resilient Calling

with Matt Allison & Leah Emory

Recorded May 31, 2018

1 hour

I t’s always been hard to find a life calling. But now, even more so for the smartphone generation.

Ironically, the connectivity of the smartphone has made it harder for this new generation to identify a true sense of life’s calling and move toward it with resiliency. 

How do we walk alongside this generation as they seek to find a life calling?

And how and why should resiliency in calling even be cultivated?

In this FREE webinar, Matt Allison, Serge Human Development Director, will share keen insight into the needs, values, and struggles of this generation.  

He’ll be joined by London Apprenticeship Staff member Leah Emory, who lives out the question of calling day-to-day with the young adults she leads on the mission field.

Whether you belong to the smartphone generation or lead people who do, this webinar is for you.

About the Speaker

Matt Allison

Matt Allison is the Senior Director of Operations at Serge.  After graduating from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Ga., Matt joined Serge as part of the mission team in Bundibugyo, Uganda. In Uganda, Matt sought to share the love of the Father with the marginalized and poor, as a member of a larger Serge team focused on healthcare, education, evangelism, church strengthening, and other community development projects. Upon completing his term in Uganda, Matt returned to the U.S. and returned to Serge to lead the mission’s mobilization effort as the Serge Human Development Director.


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