If It’s All About Grace, Does Obedience Matter?

If It’s All About Grace, Does Obedience Matter?


If It’s All About Grace, Does Obedience Matter?

with Patric Knaak

November 2, 2017

1 hour

G race. Law. Freedom. Obedience.

These words strike a contrast for many of us as believers, leaving us not simply confused about the relationship between them, but unsure of whether they can even exist in tandem with one another.

“If it’s all about grace,” we ask ourselves, “does obedience even matter?” Much of what’s needed is a shift in perspective.

When we see the commands of Scripture through the lens of our Father/child relationship with God, this radically reframes both our view of Him and our view of His commands.

In this FREE webinar, Patric Knaak, Serge’s Area Director for Renewal will help us recover the idea of our relationship with God with regard to obedience. He’ll cover…

  • How grace changes the way we obey
  • The essence of obedience
  • The pitfalls of viewing the law through a non-gospel perspective

Whether you’re a pastor/ministry leader guiding others — or someone who personally struggles with the connection between grace and obedience — this webinar will be beneficial to you.

About the Speaker

Patric Knaak

Patric Knaak, MA, is the Area Director for Renewal at Serge where he leads their publication, teaching, training, and mentoring ministries. An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, Patric has worked in curriculum development and was the pastor for spiritual formation at Naperville Presbyterian Church (IL) before joining Serge.


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