Seeking God When Your Life Falls Apart

Seeking God When Your Life Falls Apart


Seeking God When Your Life Falls Apart

with Stephanie Black

Recorded on June 10, 2020

1 hour

What do we do when life as we knew it seems to have fallen apart in almost every conceivable way?

When it feels as though everything has gone wildly wrong, and our very identities have become a huge question mark?

While God shapes us through our circumstances, sometimes the pain seems too much to bear. How do we seek God in the midst of it all?

In this FREE webinar, Serge Theological Education Specialist Stephanie Black will share insight into:

  • How to process tremendous loss and seek God in the midst of it
  • How to know God’s goodness deeply in the midst of deep disappointment
  • How to minister to others as a person who also suffers loss

If you’re wondering how to experience a relationship with God after suffering loss or life-shaking circumstances, this webinar is for you!

About the Speaker

Stephanie Black

Stephanie brings her international experience in theological education to Serge as an itinerant Theological Education Specialist.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, she travels to serve Serge’s fields of ministry around the world, teaching in theological institutions alongside Serge’s church-planting efforts, helping Serge develop and strengthen partnerships in theological education, and inviting and equipping others to participate in theological training in cross-cultural settings.

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