Dying and Rising With Jesus in Everyday Life

Dying and Rising With Jesus in Everyday Life


Dying and Rising With Jesus in Everyday Life

with Paul Miller

Recorded on March 23, 2020

1 hour

Life’s inconveniences, disappointments, and trials can leave us confused, cynical, and eventually bitter.

But understanding our lives in the light of our union with Christ – dying and rising with Him – helps us walk a path that is both liberating and joy-generating.

In this FREE webinar, Paul Miller, author of  J-Curve: Dying and Rising With Jesus in Everyday Life, will help you understand:

  • How the story of Jesus gives us a vision for our life
  • How to recognize the pattern of dying and rising with Jesus in the details of everyday life
  •  How to get to know Jesus in new and deeper ways as you learn to move out in love toward others

If you want to know Jesus more deeply in the ups and downs of daily life then this webinar is for you!

About the Speaker

Paul Miller

Paul Miller is Executive Director of seeJesus, a global discipleship mission which he founded in 1999 to help Christians and non-Christians alike “see Jesus.” Today, seeJesus is working in over 30 countries and has books and interactive Bible study materials translated into more than a dozen languages. Paul’s latest book, J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life, has been very helpful to many of us at Serge and provides the broader foundation for this webinar.

In 1983, Paul helped his father found Serge,  an international missions organization, where he served as Associate Director and wrote his first two discipleship courses — Sonship and The Love Course. He was an instrumental part of shaping the culture and values of the organization from its inception.

Paul is married to Jill, who is known for her sense of humor and faith. They have six children and 13 grandchildren and live in the Philadelphia area. Life with their daughter Kim, who has special needs, has richly blessed them and led them in a path of knowing Jesus more deeply.

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