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With a gift today, you can save a missionary from burnout, crisis, being stranded in a foreign country without healthcare options – and free them up to focus on loving people and sharing the gospel of grace.

SAVE THE DATE: Sonship Week 2020

Join us for Sonship Week – a week-long retreat with transformative teaching, deep worship, honest small group discussions and personal mentoring, all based on Serge’s classic Sonship curriculum. Come bathe in the Father's love and renew your relationship with God. Mark your calendar for November 8-13, 2020!

Encouragement from Rose Marie Miller

FREE WEBINAR: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life

Life's inconveniences, disappointments, and trials can leave us confused, cynical, and eventually bitter. But understanding our lives in light of our union with Christ, dying and rising with him, helps us walk a path that is both liberating and joy generating. Join us on March 23, 2020 at 1 PM EST for a free webinar with Paul Miller - author of J-Curve.

EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES: We need Missionary Kid Teachers!

Teaching Missionary Kids is a unique opportunity to serve missionary teams in a vital way and to make a massive impact on the academic, personal, and spiritual development of these children. Apply today!

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Resources are Christ-centered materials and teaching tools to help you deepen your faith and live out the gospel in every area of life.

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