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Health for the Whole Person


Serge’s current work on this continent is based in North, Central, and East Africa. Types of service span from medicine to pastoral training to business start up. In it all, Serge teams have a heartbeat to see a Christ-centered gospel meet people in a holistic way.

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A New Opportunity


South and East Asia are new growth areas prioritized within Serge. Current work includes business for transformation, education, medicine, church planting, and discipleship.

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Old and New Together


In Europe, Serge is working among people from traditional European backgrounds and also immigrants who are first- or second-generation. Teams seek to foster vibrant churches to minister to the Europe of today.

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Latin America

A Thirst for Grace


Latin America has experienced wide spread revivals. Currently there is a thirst for a deep theology of grace and the application of the gospel to daily life. Serge staff are walking with church leaders and local ministries to help good news echo throughout the land.

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A Life-Giving Calling

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We see God weaving together the ragged parts of our lives with His goodness, making the tattered beautiful. This is the power of the gospel at work in and through us, transforming our weakness and the world’s brokenness for His glory—God’s grace at the fray.

Partnering with Serge, you’re joining a Christ-centered, grace-based ministry that brings together spiritual growth and mission … in ourselves and around the globe.

Serge :: Resources Christ-centered materials and teaching to help you deepen your faith and live out the gospel in every area of life.

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