Mindset of a Peacemaking Leader

Mindset of a Peacemaking Leader


Mindset of a Peacemaking Leader

with Steve Beck 

April 25, 2018

1 hour

A s much as we’d like to believe that life and leadership should be a relatively peaceful experience with an occasional need for peacemaking, the fact is that we face conflict daily.

With this comes the privilege and responsibility to live as ambassadors of reconciliation.

In this FREE webinar, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Specialist Steve Beck will share more deeply his wisdom and insight. He will…

  • Define peacemaking as a way of life in which we fight daily for the flourishing of all things within our spheres of influence
  • And explore the characteristics of a mindset that enables us to shift from a defensive view of peacemaking to one which enables us to effectively engage the variety of conflicts we face every day

As a leader in any capacity, you’ll benefit from Steve’s perspective and experience.

About the Speaker

Steve Beck

Steve Beck has served in organizational leadership for over 20 years, personally experiencing both the barriers and the breakthroughs of interpersonal, workplace, and community conflict. He loves helping individuals, families, businesses, and organizations resolve conflicts and build relational skills in a wide variety of cultural, socioeconomic, educational, and religious settings. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Reformed Theological Seminary, he and his family are currently based in North Carolina.

You can learn more about Steve at cstevebeck.com

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