Knowing God’s Strength in Your Weakness

Knowing God’s Strength in Your Weakness


Knowing God’s Strength in Your Weakness

with Dr. Eric McLaughlin

Recorded on February 10, 2020

1 hour

Jesus calls his followers to enter into the broken places of the world.

This may be on a vocational level, like a social worker or a missionary doctor or this may be on a personal level, like a family member dealing with a divorce or a chronic illness.

But in a world of sorrow, pain, death, oppression, failure, and brokenness —of broken promises—how do we persevere with hope and what does it look like for God to be faithful as we do?

In this FREE webinar, Dr. Eric McLaughlin, Serge Missionary and Author of “Promises in the Dark” will share insight into –

  • How to avoid burn-out and cynicism in the face of suffering and overwhelming need
  • What it means to trust in God’s promises of renewal and see them as real and every day as the path we walk 
  • How to be servant-lovers, instead of omnicompetent-fixers, when we are called to serve in places that feel beyond our capabilities and resources

Whether you serve in areas of need, or you are simply overwhelmed by the suffering in this world, this webinar will encourage you to see how Jesus is making all things new, and how we, as Christians, can live compassionately and faithfully, without losing hope. 

About the Speaker

Dr. Eric McLaughlin

As a Serge missionary and doctor in rural Africa, Dr. Eric McLaughlin knows how walking closely with those who suffer and bearing others’ burdens can easily lead to burnout or cynicism—unless we find the path to perseverance that the Lord provides.

In his new book, ‘Promises in the Dark: Walking with Those in Need Without Losing Heart,’ Dr. McLaughlin shares an honest look at the difficulties of the life of a compassionate caregiver – including his own failures, limitations, and personal suffering. With profound insight, he engages the raw and compelling questions of what it means to trust God, and depend on Christ – even when healing doesn’t come.

He’s excited to join us for this upcoming webinar. He and his wife, Rachel, live at Kibuye Hope Hospital, where they care for patients while training national doctors as professors for Hope Africa University, a Christian Burundian University. They have the special distinction of having three children born on three different continents.

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