A Weekend Retreat for Professionals

For most professionals, work is a major part of our identity.


Despite our best intentions, we often use our careers as a measuring stick for self-worth.

This can strain our interactions with our families, friends, and coworkers and affect our mental well-being, making it tough to find joy in the gospel.

But the message of the gospel says that we are loved beyond compare – regardless of our performance – all because of Christ’s work on the cross for us.

And we can reflect His grace in the workplace.

Join us for teaching and discussion as we explore how God desires to use the ups and downs of our work-a-day world to draw us into a closer relationship with Him, make us more like Jesus, and extend His love to a broken and needy world. 

From Friday evening till Saturday afternoon, come and rediscover God’s grace through Faith@Work, a Serge weekend retreat designed for professionals.

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