A Mini-Retreat to Help You Live Out the Gospel in Your Everyday Life

A Mini-Retreat to Help You Live Out the Gospel in Your Everyday Life

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“If I know the gospel is true… then why do I keep getting so stuck in this one area of my life?

Our culture finds goal-setting irresistible. We love finding new ways to measure and track progress, even in our spiritual lives.

But so often, our day-to-day experience doesn’t match up between who we really are and who we want to be or know we should be.

Our personable ministry with others doesn’t line up with our stressed-out interior world.

Our counsel is sought on all sorts of biblical issues, yet we secretly struggle with a lack of love for our teammate.

Or, we just don’t feel like we are adopted children of God because life is just hard – and we are exhausted.

While we long to believe the gospel in ways that transform us deeply, our best efforts always seem to lead to a preoccupation with self, frustration, and joylessness.


If this sounds like you, come and rediscover God’s grace at Gospel-Centered Life Weekend – a Serge mini-retreat.


From Friday evening till Saturday noon we will explore how God desires to use the ups and downs of our daily life to draw us into a closer relationship with Him, make us more like Jesus, and extend His love to a broken and needy world.

While this event is based on themes from Serge’s The Gospel-Centered Life study guide, this teaching will go much deeper and beyond the book.

Whether your church has already gone through the curriculum in the past, or you’re interested in introducing your church to the curriculum for the first time – this event is for you!

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