Here at Serge, we know that a believer’s personal engagement with the gospel is the heartbeat of cross-cultural mission.

 We serve knowing that we need the gospel of grace even as we take that grace to the nations. And as we engage our own weaknesses in ministry, our struggles with relationships and the weight of sin, we find that the grace of the gospel motivates and sustains us to lay down our lives as we seek to reach all people and restore all things.

We’re Here to Help You. Calling is an area of Christian life that can be confusing, often discerned alone—but it doesn’t have to be. We desire to walk alongside you as you consider how God is at work in your life. Take the next step and begin a conversation with us.

Have Questions? Check out our FAQ’s page to learn more about serving with Serge.

Where We Serve

Africa Asia Europe Latin America


Health for the Whole Person

Serge’s current work on this continent is based in North, Central, and East Africa. Types of service span from medicine to pastoral training to business start up. In it all, Serge teams have a heartbeat to see a Christ-centered gospel meet people in a holistic way.

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A New Opportunity

South, Southeast and East Asia are new growth areas prioritized within Serge. Current work includes business for transformation, education, medicine, church planting, and discipleship.

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Old and New Together

In Europe, Serge is working among people from traditional European backgrounds and also immigrants who are first- or second-generation. Teams seek to foster vibrant churches to minister to the Europe of today.

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Latin America

A Thirst for Grace

Latin America has experienced wide spread revivals. Currently there is a thirst for a deep theology of grace and the application of the gospel to daily life. Serge staff are walking with church leaders and local ministries to help good news echo throughout the land.

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Types of Work


Bringing life to communities through visual, poetic, musical, and other forms of art.

Business for Transformation

Establishing businesses in order to support local livelihoods and develop thriving relationships—often in closed-access communities and countries.

Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry

Working alongside nationals to establish gospel-centered, thriving local congregations.

Community Development

Partnering with poor communities to carry out initiatives such as clean water, agriculture, and public health programs.


Providing biblically based psychological care, supporting local counselors, and equipping local church leaders with gospel-centered training to further their ministries.

Discipleship and Training

Living in and serving a local community, sharing the gospel with neighbors, and discipling fellow believers. This includes staff for Serge’s Apprenticeship and Intern program.


Engaging with community education at all levels, from training teachers to teaching primary, secondary, and post-secondary courses. This includes teaching children of missionaries and locals.

Medical Missions

Bringing healing and restoration by providing healthcare as well as training local medical professionals.

Youth and Children

Reach and nurture the upcoming generation by showing them Jesus.

Length of Service

Don"t underestimate how God can use a couple years, days, or even a 5-minute conversation. Explore the life-changing opportunities Serge offers in a variety of ways you can grow and serve around the world.

Long Term

Live, serve, and share the gospel in cross-cultural ministry.

29 Locations
5 years


Discern your calling to cross-cultural mission through hands-on ministry and personal mentoring.

6 Locations
2 years


Spend eight summer weeks doing cross-cultural ministry alongside Serge teams.

7 Locations
8 weeks


Come alongside Serge missionaries to help with ministry projects around the world.

7 Locations
1-2 weeks