Czech Republic – Prague – DoSlova

Czech Republic – Prague – DoSlova

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Czech Republic – Prague –DoSlova

Reaching Czechs and Long-Term Stayers

Czech Republic is arguably the least religious country in the world, and the dominance of atheism and agnosticism is especially strong in the capital city of Prague. 

Involvement in a church is just not a category most Czechs even have in their minds. Yet being part of a Christian community is often an key element in the testimony of Czechs who come to faith in Christ.

The Serge Doslova team in Prague has planted a new church that emphasizes outreach to Czechs and long-term residents. 

Worshiping in Czech and English, and seeking to have worship and church life shaped by Czech culture, the team hopes to be a church where Czechs feel comfortable exploring the Christian faith, and are ultimately raised up to lead and plant Czech churches.

What We Do on the DoSlova Team

The team’s ministry centers around DoSlova, a church plant in Prague. The church is team-oriented – emphasizing lay involvement and leadership development–with the goal of raising up leaders to plant more Czech and bilingual churches.

The launch team includes several fairly young Czech and Slovak believers, and for many of them, this is their first experience in helping to lead a church. The team also represents a wide relational net of people who have Christian friends but have never regularly attended a church.

The novelty of a new community that their friends are helping to launch has led to more interest among people who have yet to put their faith in Christ.

The fact that DoSolva Church worships in Czech and English is attractive to those who feel less confident in their English but are excited for the chance to learn.

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Missions Opportunties on the Prague - DoSlova Team

The team has room for those who are interested in learning the Czech language, participating in Czech culture, building real friendships in order to share the gospel, encouraging believers, and working alongside other church members to help DoSlova thrive. If you’re interested in learning more, contact team leader Jake Hunt.

Here are the ways you can join our team:


Intensive 18-24 month training and ministry endeavors for those discerning a call to missions

Career Missions

2-5 year terms of service in a cross-cultural context

How You Can Pray

  • Pray for the team members to walk closely with God and draw strength and energy from our union with Him
  • Pray for wisdom as DoSlova enters its first year, with lots of decisions and challenges
  • Pray for us the launch team to be bold and effective in sharing Christ with friends and neighbors, and that God will give meaningful relationships with non-Christians
  • Pray for the physical and spiritual protection of the launch team’s marriages and families

DoSlova Church Plant (Prague, CZ)

In 2017 a team led by Serge missionaries began planting a new church in Prague.  It’s called DoSlova (Czech for “into the Word”) and has begun with a group from Faith…

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