Types of Work

Discipleship and Training

Jesus’ Command

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of all nations. Serge teams joyfully respond to this invitation through discipleship and training programs around the world. In this work, churches grow deeper and wider, relationships are healed and strengthened, and people experience the love of God.

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What Serge Means by “Discipleship”

Helping New Believers Grow in Grace

Serge teams help new believers develop their walk with Christ. In all we do, we emphasize the gospel of grace, which is refreshingly different from natural heart tendencies toward legalism and shame that so many have experienced. This represents a powerful paradigm shift away from rigid, prideful religion, toward the joy that only the good news of the gospel of Jesus can bring.

Helping Mature Believers Be Renewed in the Gospel

God’s grace is not only the means through which we begin our lives as Christians, but also the power for ongoing repentance and faith, through which we continue to mature. Serge staff are passionate about walking with mature, yet weary Christ-followers around the word to help them rediscover the joy of salvation. In doing so, Serge sees all kinds of people find freedom to joyfully embrace their unique roles in God’s Kingdom work.

Discipling the Next Generation

Many of Serge’s most intensive discipling is led by those who facilitate the Serge Apprenticeship Program. The Serge Apprenticeship is focused on training the next generation of missionaries. A growing number of Serge staff are focused specifically on walking with Apprentices with an emphasis on personalized grace-based discipleship.

How the work gets done

We Work in Teams

Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams. Teams provide workers with a community of shared experience, corporate prayer and worship, and the strength of working cross-culturally together.

Transparent Discipleship

We place a great importance on real and transparent discipleship. Our missionaries and mentors share their own lives and struggles with others. Because we’re honest about our faults, those we disciple are free to be honest about their struggles as well. This makes room for an open dialogue where the Holy Spirit and Scripture can inform lives and help us live out our union with God.

Supporting Local Leadership

Supporting Local Leadership: Our goal is to help local leaders and pastors shine. We disciple others so they can lead with their own voice in their own cultural context.

Contextually Appropriate

As Serge unites around the core gospel message, we seek to disciple in a manner that is appropriate according to age, education, life-stage, and culture. We also believe that we can learn from the very people we seek to train, so we desire to enter into all kinds of situations with a spirit of humility, listening for what God has for us to learn.

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