Lima is the capital of Peru with a population of 10.7 million people.

Like all of Peru, Lima is a fusion of cultures: Mestizo, Spanish, Andean, Amazon Indian, African, Chinese, and Japanese. This fusion of cultures is reflected in the city’s cuisine which is internationally acclaimed.

Many do not know Jesus, especially among the youth, with secularism growing in popularity. Crime, poverty, and corruption plague the city. The church is under-resourced and in need of support in every area.

Serge missionaries in Lima partner with Peruvians to develop churches, and support church leaders, all to see God’s kingdom expand in Peru.

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  • Discipleship and Training
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      The team provides encouragement, theological education, and practical support to hard-working Peruvian pastors and church planters.

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      The team is seeking church planters, those with a heart for youth ministries such as sports or art, and those with a passion for diaconal ministry.

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