Czech Republic – Prague – Faith Community

Czech Republic – Prague – Faith Community

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Czech Republic – Prague – Faith Community 

Prague is a true international city, drawing people from around the world with its beauty, history, culture, and economic opportunity.

It’s also the capital of one of the most atheistic countries in the world; approximately 80% of the population considers themselves atheists. 

Planting churches in this city brings together people of diverse national and spiritual backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to see and experience the gospel lived out in the context of community.

In 2007, the Serge team in Prague planted Faith Community Church, an international church that seeks to be a light for the gospel in the city’s diverse community. Together, the team equips and encourages church members and closely linked local ministries, and maintains a focus on evangelism, and builds relationships throughout the city.

What We Do on the Faith Community Team

Faith Community Church has expanded to a new facility with regular attendance of about 100 people representing approximately 15 different nationalities.

Leadership and staff are likewise growing to include more local leaders, and many partnerships with other ministries and churches continue to strengthen.

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The team works with other mercy and church-planting ministries, including the Refugee crisis, Roma children, and Czech Evangelical Alliance.

The team seeks to build relationships with all kinds of people, regardless of spiritual and demographic background.  We desire to see God glorified in others’ lives, through the strengthening of believers’ faith and the evangelism of non-Christians.

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Missions Opportunties on the Prague - Faith Community Team

There’s always room on our team for you. We need evangelists, disciplers, people with passion for children and youth, church planters, and people willing to do business in Prague.

Here are the ways you can join our team:


Intensive 18-24 month training and ministry endeavors for those discerning a call to missions

Career Missions

2-5 year terms of service in a cross-cultural context

How You Can Pray

  • Pray that we model the gospel in how we live out God’s grace with each other and in our church
  • Pray that God continues to build our church into a community unlike any other in Prague
  • Pray that the gospel goes forth in our teaching and in our relationships with those who do not yet know Christ

We’re pursuing ongoing facility developments for more outreach and church-planting into the city and our particular neighborhood.  Your gifts to our facility fund will help us further those developments.

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