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Kenya –Nairobi

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is one of the most influential cities in Africa.

In addition to being a major center for African business and politics, a significant number of international businesses and organizations have offices in Nairobi as well.

A cosmopolitan and multicultural city, people from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds are drawn to Nairobi in search of new opportunities. While the search for opportunities rewards some, many struggle in urban poverty while they hope for their dreams to be realized.

Missionary efforts began in Kenya more than a century ago, however, much of the church in Kenya is characterized by legalism, division, emotionalism, tribalism, and vulnerability to heretical teachings.

The Serge team in Nairobi seeks to serve the local church in seeing the gospel move forward.

What We Do in Nairobi

In the communities we work in, we have discovered that one of the biggest challenges facing the church in Kenya today is the number of young people not engaging the church (42% of Kenyans are under the age of 15). 

Through our partnership with Ambassadors Football, a football (soccer) ministry, we work with young people to provide skill development, employment, and discipleship.

We want to help the church and community use soccer to share the gospel with coaches and players across the country. The vision is to see disciple-making coaches on every field in Kenya.

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Another challenge we are addressing is that untrained pastors lead the majority of rural and impoverished urban churches. 

Through Chronological Bible Storying seminars, the Serge Nairobi team trains and equips pastors and church leaders across the country to understand the grand narrative that unites the whole Bible together – pointing to and culminating in the work of Jesus – as a new tool for discipleship, evangelism, and church planting among unreached people groups. 

Because Africa is traditionally an oral society – ‘Bible storying’ enables them to more naturally and effectively share the gospel message with others – regardless of their age or whether or not they are literate.

One of the benefits of this method is that the local people (Kenyan pastors) are the ones reaching their own people, tribes, and those who are outcasts in the society. They are able to reach and continue to disciple them well after conversion. These pastors can reach the people in their tribes in a better way than our team ever could. They know the barriers to the gospel better, the illustrations that can make stories connect to their lives, and the ways in which to invite these individuals into the grace that can be theirs. 

– Ben and Lindsay Nihart, Nairobi Team Members

Through Internships, the Serge Apprenticeship program, and Sonship mentoring, our team works to engage and build up the next generation of missionaries.

We have a passion to see God work through cross-cultural living and see the gospel transform lives from the inside out. We disciple these young men and women as they discover God’s calling on their lives, whether to overseas missions or equipping them to engage in their local communities.



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Missions Opportunties in Nairobi

The Serge team in Nairobi seeks individuals with a strong gospel-centered identity and a vision for cross-cultural ministry in an urban environment. Potential team members should have a strong desire to disciple believers in the gospel.

We currently have need for growth in the following areas: Apprenticeship staff, Apprentices, Chronological Bible Storying, Football Ministry, Sonship Mentoring

Here are the ways you can join our team:


Intensive 18-24 month training and ministry endeavors for those discerning a call to missions

Career Missions

2-5 year terms of service in a cross-cultural context

How You Can Pray

  • Pray for the church in Nairobi. Pray that young people would come back to the church
  • Pray for pastors in impoverished communities to teach the Word faithfully
  • Pray for the gospel of Jesus to sink deep into the hearts of Christians whom we work with and live life alongside
  • Pray that spiritual roots would grow deeper in places where Christianity can be a mile wide and an inch deep
  • Pray for the gospel to move forward in the unreached people groups that we work with
  • Pray that we would have wisdom and boldness to lovingly engage in these communities

Kenya Bible Storying Training Fund

Serge’s George Mixon leads a growing team of Kenyan nationals who train other Kenyan church leaders in “Bible storying” as a method for discipleship and evangelism. Chronological Bible Storytelling (CBS)…

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