Summer Internship

Spend 8 weeks in the summer doing hands-on overseas missions work and growing in the gospel.

As you serve under the guidance of one of our long-term missionary teams, you’ll learn how to share the gospel cross-culturally and build intentional relationships,  and experience Christ-centered, grace-based, personal mentoring.

Interested in becoming an intern with Serge? 

Applications for Summer 2024 will be posted on Oct 1, 2023.


Are you looking for an internship longer than a summer? Learn more about our Vocational Internship which can happen year-round and last up to 11 months.


The Serge Internship Experience

Share the Gospel

Alongside Serge Missionaries

Live in deep community with Serge missionaries and learn how to develop relationships with local believers and non-believers, while sharing the gospel cross-culturally.

Grow and
Be Discipled

Experience gospel renewal, discipleship and equipping, so you can grow in your personal walk with Jesus as well as to be more effective in your personal ministry.

Explore Your Gifts

in a Cross-Cultural Context

Discover how God can use you, your unique gifts—even your brokenness—as a vessel to pour out His grace to others in cross-cultural ministry.

Ministry Training

Spend a weekend in Philadelphia with Serge staff and your summer intern class intentionally preparing your heart, mind, and spirit for a brand new way to encounter the Gospel overseas.

Missionary Internship Locations

Prague – Czech Republic

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Ireland  – Dublin

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South Asia

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Southern Spain

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UK – London

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“Going in, I was afraid I would get overseas and not do well at whatever job they had for me. But one of the things I love about Serge is that they care for people really well. I always had support, whether it was in the work, emotionally, or just being there in general. They provided a really solid environment to succeed in every way.”

– Olivia, a Serge summer intern

 Steps to the Field

You’ve explored field options for next summer,
you’ve prayed, and you’re ready to apply. What happens next? 


The first step to becoming a summer intern is to fill out the internship application.  This is how we get to know you! (It typically takes about 1-2 hours to complete.) 

Applications for Summer 2024 will be posted on Oct 1, 2023.


Once your application is submitted, our Internship Coordinator will email you a Personal Page. This confidential document is used to help us consider all your needs and vulnerabilities in order to determine the best care practices for both you and the Serge team you’ll be serving on.

Then, you will meet with our internship coordinator for about 45 minutes to an hour for a phone interview.  This helps us put a personality to your paperwork, which is a crucial step in the discernment process. 

It’s also a chance for you to get to know us! Any questions or curiosities you have about Serge are welcomed and encouraged. Perhaps the most important part of the interview, though, is our chance to pray with and for you in this process.

Once a decision has been made, the Intern Coordinator will be in touch with you.

Support Raising

This is where your ministry starts!  

When you are accepted into the program, the Internship Coordinator will guide you step-by-step through the entire support-raising process – with weekly calls for check-ins and prayer. We know it can be daunting, but we also believe there’s no better way that the Lord prepares us for the mission field. 

You can expect challenges and growth in this journey, but you can also expect a dedicated mentor along the way. You will never be walking it alone.

Preparation for the Field

You will then be invited to our Summer Intern Training Weekend – a  retreat-style program that happens in Philadelphia every February. 

This mandatory weekend experience is for all of our interns to gather together and learn more about our missions organization, the cross-cultural ministry experience in general, and all that the Lord may be calling you to through this opportunity. It’s also a time to worship and pray alongside one another. Strangers quickly become friends at ITW!

Applications for Summer 2024 will be posted on Oct 1, 2023.