Missionary Apprenticeship

The Serge Apprenticeship Program is a 18-24 month intensive missions training program that provides an opportunity to serve on an existing ministry team and grow in the gospel.

Discover how God can use you, your gifts — even your brokenness — as a vessel to pour out His grace to others in cross-cultural missions.

Serge Apprenticeships bring together what God is doing in your heart with hands-on mission work and personal mentoring to help you discern your calling.

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The Serge Apprenticeship Experience

Hands-On Missions

Loving people cross-culturally is a way of answering Jesus’ call to lay down your life for him. You’ll learn this practically and in community as you serve alongside a long-term Serge team, exploring how you can use your gifts to share the love of Christ with others.

Grow and
Be Discipled

Discover your own on-going need for God’s grace and power in your life. You will be paired with a mentor to walk with you through your spiritual growth, using the Sonship course. We hope apprentices will be rooted in the reality that God loves them and that this life-changing love will propel risky living and bold proclamation of the Gospel of God’s grace.

Ministry Training

Expand your knowledge and skills. We make space for you to learn languages and explore the culture that you’re living and serving in. You’ll also be guided in the many facets of cross-cultural ministry, including: evangelism, prayer, leadership, life in community, discipling others, and works of justice and mercy - with the goal of helping you navigate missional life in a way that honors God and the way he has created, redeemed, and called us.

Experience Prayer
as the Source of Power

Nurture a lifestyle of prayer. Serge is committed to prayer as a way of moving the kingdom forward. Apprentices will be a part of individual and team prayer and have the chance to go on a trip to visit another Serge team for prayer and encouragement. This will help you see God at work in and through all kinds of cultures and all types of people.

Apprenticeship Locations

Czech Republic – Prague

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Kenya – Nairobi

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Southern Spain

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Uganda – Bundibugyo

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UK – London

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“Before the Apprenticeship, I thought I had exact plans of how God was going to use me and what my life was going to look like. But really, I was a little afraid to really trust God. Because of this apprenticeship, my trust in the Lord has grown and given me the courage to pursue full-time ministry and, thanks to Serge, I have the connections and tools to do so.”

- A Serge Apprentice in Ireland

Apprenticeship FAQs

Who is the Serge Apprenticeship For?

  • Followers of Jesus who are becoming Christ-dependent, Spirit-empowered, and passionate for the Kingdom of God — at home and abroad
  • Those who are considering long-term international ministry
  • College graduates OR individuals with two years of independent living behind them
  • Ordinary individuals or couples who aren’t afraid to ask questions
  • Those who are prepared to be stripped down of what they understand about themselves and the cultures they have been and will be involved in
  • Servant leaders who are desiring to be a part of a community and team
  • People who are willing to be flexible and have a learner posture

How much does it cost?

As a Serge Apprentice, you are paid a salary. Apprentices are required to raise 100% of their salaries, ministry expenses, and administrative expenses to serve overseas. The amount you need to raise can vary significantly depending on the country of service, marital status, experience, and job requirements. When you are appointed to go with Serge, you are assigned a Support Coach who will guide you step-by-step through the entire support-raising process, with regular calls for check-ins and prayer. We know it can be daunting, but we also believe there’s no better way that the Lord prepares us for the field. You can expect challenges and growth in this journey, but you can also expect a dedicated mentor along the way. You will never be walking it alone. For more info – please fill out a go form and start a conversation with us.

What will I be doing?

While every apprenticeship location includes 4 main pillars – hands-on ministry experience, cross-cultural training, personal mentoring, and prayer – they also have unique opportunities depending upon the location and team. Please explore each location to view ministry details.

What if I'm married or have kids?

We love to have married couples apply for the Apprenticeship! Just like for individuals, the viability of the Apprenticeship for a married couple is considered on a case-by-case basis. However, we typically do not recommend this program for people with children.

What's the process?

  • Fill out a Go Form to help us serve you the best we can as you explore your calling into cross-cultural ministry. After we receive your form, our mobilization team will get in touch with you within a week.
  • Conversations
    A recruiter will serve as a point of contact between you and the mission. Over the course of a few conversations with a recruiter, they will walk with you and learn about your passions, skills, and experience – and explore roles and potential locations together.
  • Application
    After conversations with your recruiter and a Serge team, we’ll send you the official application. This will be used to help us determine your fit for cross-cultural ministry, for Serge, and the Serge team on the field.. We will also ask you to gather a set of references.
  • Assessment and Orientation
    Upon reviewing your application, we’ll invite you to spend a week with us for Assessment and Orientation (A&O). A&O will introduce you to the heart of Serge — the mission’s vision, values, and history. During this week, we will get to know you through a series of interviews, come to a final decision on your appointment to the field, and equip you with the tools and resources you’ll need for your service.

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