Kapsowar, Kenya is a beautiful rural town in the northwest region of Kenya

This area is primarily Christian, however as in our “home” cultures, we face issues of tribalism (“us VS them”), corruption, and health and wealth gospel.

Kenya is a country where a few people have access to a lot of resources. The gap between the upper and lower class continues to grow, and most struggle to survive on their daily income. Those with means have access to good education and medical care, while the rest of the population gets by with what the government can provide, which is much less. There are good Kenyan doctors trained in the country, but few are interested in living and providing excellent medical care in very rural areas.

We want to demonstrate God’s love for the people of rural Kenya by providing excellent medical care and theological education while training and empowering Kenyan physicians, midwives, and pastors in their Kingdom work.

Types of Work

  • Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry
  • Education
  • Medical Missions

    What We Do in Kenya – Kapsowar

    Our team serves at AIC Kapsowar Hospital Kapsowar, which is a district hospital in the northwest region of Kenya, with over 140 beds and performs over 200 surgeries and C-sections per month. This hospital provides the majority of medical care to this remote region of northwestern Kenya.

    We provide care to all people (in this somewhat rural/marginalized population), including pediatric and adult wards, and also train Kenyan staff to increase their capacity to provide excellent care as well.

    Our team also trains pastors at the local seminary, Kapsowar School of Theology.

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    Missions Opportunities Kenya – Kapsowar

    The Serge team in Kapsowar seeks medical doctors (pediatrics, internal medicine, family practice), a financial officer/project manager for the hospital and the station (housing area/missionaries), and missionary kid teachers.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    • For peace and cooperation between the various Christian tribes in our area
    • For God to raise up Kenyan pastors and doctors to model servant leadership to their fellow citizens and the surrounding nations

    Current Staffing Needs

    Primary Care Physician – Kapsowar, Kenya

    Help manage a new dialysis unit and teach interns and other trainees in Kijabe, Kenya.


    Teaching Assistant / Medical Vocational Intern – Kapsowar, Kenya

    Provide educational support for Missionary Kids from preschool to 3rd grade!

    Interested in Serving in Kenya – Kapsowar?

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