With less than 1% of the population professing faith in Christ, the Japanese represent one of the largest unreached groups in the world.

The city of Nagoya is strategically located in central Japan between the major cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

With an established local seminary and recent progress among local church planters, Nagoya is a prime base for future leaders who will carry the Gospel into new areas of Japan.

Types of Work

  • Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry
  • Discipleship and Training

    What We Do in Japan – Nagoya

    The Serge Nagoya team has a longstanding partnership with All Nations Fellowship (ANF), a bilingual multisite church in Nagoya.  Through the church, the team offers internships and church planting apprenticeships to Japanese students at Christ Bible Seminary. ANF is a place where these budding leaders can test and practice their leadership skills, make mistakes, and eventually be sent out to serve in other places in Japan.

    One of our previous apprentices stayed with the church and became the leader of our downtown campus.  Other interns and apprentices are currently planting or serving in Japanese churches located in places like Nagoya, Toyama, Tokyo, and Aomori.

    We imagine that future teammates might help establish similar partnerships with other local churches.

    The Serge Nagoya team partners with the Church Planting Institute (CPI) of Japan to implement retreats and mentoring that focus on gospel renewal for church leaders.

    Through CPI, we offer “Grace Week” retreats (based on Sonship Week), which have grown to be quite popular in recent years.

    Japan is a hard place to be a Christian leader.  Pastors and church planters are a tiny minority of a small sliver of the population, and it’s natural for them to become isolated and burn out before they get much traction.

    Our team is always watching for and moving towards current and prospective Japanese church planters and their wives.  We want them to know that the Good News they preach to others is also for them.  We offer mentoring, training, and practical ministry help when that’s needed; but most importantly, we offer fellowship, prayer, and connection for Japanese church planters and their families.

    We intentionally focus on Japanese Christian leaders who are open to planting new churches in Japan.  Our team exists to be of support to those kinds of leaders.  We see ourselves as catalysts for the kind of spiritual renewal among leaders that will lead to new and renewed churches all over Japan.

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    Missions Opportunities Japan – Nagoya

    The team is seeking humble people in need of God’s grace who have a strong desire to come alongside Japanese pastors to help them be vibrant and successful in their missional efforts.

    Some specific needs include individuals with gifts or experience in mentoring, worship or arts, administration, and youth and children ministry.

    Japanese speakers, or those willing to learn the language, are encouraged to apply.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    •  For young leaders and church planters for the Japanese church
    •  For renewal in existing churches and leaders
    •  For churches like All Nations Fellowship to reach the Japanese with the gospel

    Current Staffing Needs

    Renewal Specialist – Nagoya, Japan

    Come alongside and equip local Japanese leaders with mentoring, training, and resources so they c...

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