Malawi is a nation of stark beauty, stunning contrasts, beautiful wildlife and many, many, delightful people.

Known as the warm heart of Africa, it’s people have suffered much from poverty and corruption, yet they laugh and enjoy their days together. Songs fill public spaces as people go about their day, lingering together, rarely in a rush.

Nkhoma mission is a small town located 1 hour outside of Malawi’s growing capital city, Lilongwe. It is quiet, has many trees, with a lovely mountain full of hiking trails, and unlike many African villages, it includes a diverse and educated population since it is home to many training institutions. Also, unlike other mission stations in Africa, the community is much more integrated, encouraging cross-cultural friendships.

The church in Malawi has a vast membership and is a dominant presence within the culture. However, as a result of the explosion in numbers of Christians, overworked pastors, and historical, cultural, and theological factors, most church members are not taught the Scriptures, nor discipled. In spite of their earnest devotion and worship, most Christians inhabit either a cultural Christianity or prosperity movements, both of which lack depth in exploring God’s character. As a result, many believers still engage in some form of traditional African religion alongside their Christianity, and most churches preach some form of moralism.

Our team is committed to investing in Malawian leaders in contexts that bring healing, light, and hope for the future. But, we want to invest in African institutions on their own terms. This calls for great humility and love as the mutual submission of the body of Christ is worked out.

Our greatest hope is in seeing how God has already begun a great work of gospel renewal in the church, and in the coming generation. And we are proud to partner with the good work Malawian Christians have already begun.

Types of Work

  • Counseling
  • Discipleship and Training
  • Education
  • Medical Missions

    What We Do in Malawi – Nkhoma

    The seminaries of today determine the church tomorrow. This is true of both the pastors we train, as well as how we invest in the teachers themselves.

    Our vision for theological education is joining the work our Malawian partners have already begun: raising up humble, well-studied, compassionate pastors.

    Along with that, we also aim to invest academically and spiritually in our Malawian colleagues as a means of building up the theological training infrastructure of Malawi.

    Courageous Malawians are working in intervention ministries that seek to stop sex trafficking and provide a safe home and rehabilitation to victims.

    We work to support, resource, come alongside and provide care to these front-line counselors so their work can continue, and be multiplied.

    Two exciting residency programs have been started at Nkhoma Hospital, a 300-bed, church-run hospital, here in our village. They are a family medicine residency, and a surgical residency (PAACS).

    These residencies are the first of their kind in Malawi and are very exciting opportunities to come alongside and invest in the future of African medical leadership as Christians.

    We are seeking to recruit medical workers to join these excellent training programs and disciple African Christian doctors. We need Family Medicine Doctors, OB/GYNS, Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Anesthesiologists.

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    Missions Opportunities Malawi – Nkhoma

    Serge’s Malawi team is urgently seeking Theology Lecturers, Family Medicine Doctors, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, and Obstetrics/Gynecologists.

    Along with the required professional credentials, we are seeking people with the following qualities: Self-awareness, humility, ability to work on a team, love of teaching/discipling, and a sense of fun and adventure.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    • That the church in Malawi would be renewed through encountering God in all His grace and glory in the gospel
    • That a new generation of faithful and bold African theologians would be raised up
    • That girls would grow up safer and men more liberated because of the counseling and discipleship provided through Malawians’ ministry
    • That a new generation of faithful and bold African counselors would be raised up

    Current Staffing Needs


    Family Medicine / OB Doctor – Nkhoma, Malawi

    Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi needs another doctor to partner with the Family Medicine Residency.


    Theology Lecturer / Pastoral Trainer – Nkhoma, Malawi

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