Investing in the Future of the African Church.

The African Church has experienced massive growth in the last 100 years, and now 1 in 4 Christians in the world is a Sub-Saharan African.

However, pastoral and theological training has not kept up. In the Presbyterian Church in Malawi (CCAP), the average pastor has 2,000 people in his care. This results in overworked pastors and elders, as well as very little discipleship.

What will the African church of the future look like? What will they teach and preach? Those questions are answered by looking at seminaries today. If we can be involved in shaping the next generation of pastors, this will not only effect the African church but the shape of Christianity in the future.

Types of Work

  • Counseling
  • Education

    What We Do in Malawi – Nkhoma

    We want to invest in African institutions on their own terms. This calls for great humility and love as the mutual submission of the body of Christ is worked out.

    Our Serge team in Nkhoma aims to bring gospel renewal to current ministry in Malawi by coming alongside leaders and investing in the future of the African Church.

    The team will teach pastors in the Presbyterian seminary as well as offer training in counseling. These are the formal ways in which we engage in ministry, but relationships and friendships are often where we see the Lord work most powerfully.

    You can learn more about our team’s ministry at our blog:

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    Missions Opportunities Malawi – Nkhoma

    Serge’s Malawi team needs disciplers, counselors, and those generally interested in caring for the African church leadership.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    • For trust and mutual partnership as this new team works out the details of their work with the African church
    • For the launch team’s children as they adjust to missionary life. For long-term friendships
    • For new supporters, teammates and/or churches to join our work in Nkhoma

    Current Staffing Needs

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