Theology Lecturer / Pastoral Trainer – Nkhoma, Malawi

The Serge team in Malawi is seeking a Theology Lecturer / Pastoral Trainer to help teach pastoral candidates and partner with and invest in Malawian colleagues, alongside the faculty of the Presbyterian seminary.

Josophat Mwale Theological Institute (JMTI) is the accredited pastoral training seminary of the mainline Presbyterian Church in Malawi (CCAP) and has been Malawian-run since the 1960s. It has a total student body of around 50 with an average of 10 new students per year.  Confessionally Reformed, it offers students a 4-year B.Th in preparation for ministry, and a 2-year diploma for religious education students. We are the main training facility for Presbyterian pastors in the central region of Malawi, and as such have a very strategic opportunity to impact the future of the Church.

JMTI has also become the theology faculty for the recently established Nkhoma University (also run by the CCAP). We also train religious education students for two years as they begin their BA, who will go on to be Bible teachers in religious education programs in local public schools. JMTI has also just been approved to offer a module-based M.Th, which provides an exciting opportunity to train African theologians for the future.

We have a small faculty of 7 full-time theology lecturers (including one of the Serge team leaders) and two librarians. Joining this faculty will alleviate the overwhelming workload given to lecturers here, and allow more space for the discipleship of students and personal development of the faculty.


  • Teaching a full-time load of 4 classes per term in your field of specialty
  • Administrative duties including marking, faculty meetings, and planning
  • Meeting with and encouraging students and colleagues
  • Professional development/research
  • Participation in community activities such as church (preaching if desired), funerals, etc

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • A Th.M or Ph.D is ideal
  • M.Div is acceptable if also pursuing further studies
  • Volunteer or professional ministry experience desired
  • Self-awareness, humility, ability to work on a team
  • A sense of fun and adventure
  • Teaching skills

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