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Youth Ministry

Engaging the Next Generation

Young people everywhere struggle with questions of identity, wondering where they fit in the world.

In cases where children grow up in broken homes, in the midst of poverty, or without opportunities to hear the good news of Jesus, the challenges are even greater.

Serge missionaries throughout the world incorporate sports, music, and the arts to build relationships that create opportunities to share the message of grace, love, and forgiveness found in Christ alone.

We work with youth ministry through:

  • Bible study
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Church Youth Groups

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Sharing the Gospel Through Relationships

Serge missionaries believe that the gospel is the best news in the world for all ages and demographics. That conviction frees us to be present in the lives of children and youth as friends and mentors without feeling the pressure to make everything “cool.”

Over time, as youth and children see how our lives are shaped by the gospel, they begin asking questions that give us the opportunity to share the good news. We emphasize that while we are all sinners, Jesus has come to forgive, redeem, and restore us to new life.

Providing Safety and Protection

The children and youth we serve do not always have a safe home life or community environment. When this is the case, trustworthy mentors are even more important. Weekly clubs become a safe space, and when they’re exposed to the gospel in this setting, they see a tangible illustration of God’s grace.

Equipping the Next Generation of Leaders

Children and youth are the future leaders of their community and the local church. We disciple them in the hope that one day, these young people will be leaders who will invest in the generation after them.

How the Work Gets Done

We Work in Teams

Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams. Teams provide workers with a meaningful social life, shared prayer and worship, and the strength of working cross-culturally together. Whether members of a team are all doing the same type of ministry or are focused in separate areas, we seek to create teams with a shared vision so that everyone’s work is strengthened by others’ gifts and efforts.

Transparent Discipleship

We place a great importance on real and transparent discipleship. Our missionaries and mentors share their own lives and struggles with others. Because we’re honest about our faults, those we disciple are free to be honest about their struggles, as well. This makes room for an open dialogue where the Holy Spirit and Scripture can inform lives and help us live out our union with God.

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