Located in the northwest part of London, Harrow is home to more than 150,000 people of South Asian descent.

While tourists may travel to see Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace, the real London is shaped by residents speaking 300 languages, representing nearly every culture, religion, and ethnicity in the world.

London is considered by many to be the most diverse city ever, and in Harrow, one finds a vibrant microcosm of that diversity.

The Serge team in Harrow has seen people of all ages begin to experience God’s practical, relational, and spiritual blessings, while also growing and serving others. The Love of Jesus is being lived out in new ways, demonstrating that it is available to those of all cultures and that following Him does not require abandoning one’s culture of birth.

Types of Work

  • Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry
  • Counseling
  • Youth Ministry

    What We Do in UK – Harrow

    The Serge team in Harrow is partnering with British South Asian leaders to grow a Sangat – a culturally understandable group of Jesus followers – who will serve their city in practical ways while embracing what is beautiful about South Asian cultures.

    This Sangat, which began meeting weekly on Sundays in 2010, is focused on making room for people to belong, believe, and be a blessing to each other and to the community.

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    Missions Opportunities UK – Harrow

    The Serge team in Harrow seeks humble and helpful partners to serve the Sangat through evangelism, music, counseling, hospitality, evangelism, and ministry to children, youth, and young adults. There is also a need for Kingdom-minded business people interested in helping others start new businesses of their own.

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    •  For the good news to be clearly on display (in and through the Sangat)
    •  For numerous opportunities to share the good news so that many would embrace the good news for the first time
    •  For more leaders (from all generations) to understand, embrace, and advance the vision
    •  For unity, perseverance, enjoyment, and ongoing renewal in the good news of Jesus
    •  That Jesus would provide for spiritual growth, family relationships, jobs, education, health, and financial needs (both in and through the Sangat)

    Current Staffing Needs


    Pastoral Vocational Intern – London, UK

    Join a church planting team in multicultural settings wanting to make Jesus known and see the kin...

    Counselor – London, UK

    Join a church planting team in multicultural settings wanting to make Jesus known and see the kin...

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