Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry

Watch How a Serge Church is Serving in Prague

Think Global, Act Local

God’s mission is global, but it takes place in the context of our local communities. That means that all over the world, local churches must be equipped and empowered. Serge workers fulfill this need by leading new church plants, walking alongside local leaders, and helping existing church communities find renewal. Through these efforts, we share the gospel of grace and obey Jesus’ command to make disciples.

Feed God's people.

Learn to worship in a new language.

We seek to understand and come alongside how God is already at work in a place.

New City Fellowship in London, like many of our London church plants is a multi-cultural congregation.

Leading, Facilitating, and Renewing

The needs of a local church vary as much as communities themselves. However, Serge typically takes one of three approaches to church planting and pastoral ministry:

Traditional church planting: A church planting team, with a lead pastor, is sent to develop and build a new church. This strategy is used when there is little local resources or existing effort to build a church community or when there is a clear need for leadership.

Facilitative church planting: A mentoring approach is used by Serge teams in order to develop and resource national leaders in the church planting ministries God has called them. Serge team members support indigenous leaders, encouraging them to employ their gifts and knowledge of the local community, with us alongside as resource people who are committed to their flourishing.

Church renewal: In cases where established churches exist, Serge teams work with church leaders to revitalize and renew local congregations. This rejuvenation is done through pastoral ministry, discipleship, and one-on-one mentoring, reaffirming the gospel of God’s grace as the foundation for life and ministry.

How the Work Gets Done

We Work in Teams: Serge prioritizes sending workers as teams. Teams provide workers with a meaningful social life, shared prayer and worship, and the strength of working cross-culturally together. Whether members of a team are focused on a single church or engaged across several churches, we seek to create teams with a shared vision so that each one’s work is strengthened by the gifts and efforts of others.

We Value Equal Partnership: In an increasingly multicultural and interconnected world, international missionaries and local church leaders must work together. In the past, missionaries tended to rely on a one-sided, unilateral approach. Serge teams recognize that we are called to something greater — a partnership between equals. When this is accomplished, the church grows and becomes an attractive image of the healing, reconciling nature of the gospel.

We Display Grace Through Action: In some societies today, there are increasing levels of skepticism or animosity toward Christian beliefs. To make a real impact, people need to hear and see the gospel in action.   Local churches are where the gospel is embodied and shared. New believers hear Serge team members share the Word, but they also see it displayed in everyday acts that bring justice and mercy to their neighbors.

We Are Rooted in the Gospel: Serge takes a gospel-based approach in all ministry. We are missional, grace centered, and kingdom minded. This framework is a guiding light for our church planting teams, driving them to build community and seek equal partnerships. This also ensures that we work with the intention of growing God’s kingdom and sharing His glory.