Missionaries have worked in Thailand for nearly 200 years. But despite all this evangelistic energy, Thailand remains only about 1.3% Christian.

There are Christians there. There are churches there. There are pastors there. But being a Christian is a lonely and challenging experience.

Being a pastor who leads a congregation or plants churches in unreached areas of the country is an even more difficult endeavor.

Many believe Thailand is on the cusp of a major awakening to the Christian faith. People are coming to faith faster and faster than has ever been seen before.

The Serge team in Thailand desires to empower Thai pastors and church planters to plant Thai churches, that reach Thai people and help prepare churches and Christians to participate in this gospel awakening.

Types of Work

  • Business for Transformation
  • Church Planting and Pastoral Ministry
  • Discipleship and Training
  • Education

    What We Do in Thailand

    The Serge team in Thailand seeks to be a gospel-focused “force multiplier”.

    Our team does this by encouraging local church leaders and their families through ministry support and grace-soaked mentoring. A key aspect in forming trusting, loving relationships, is that the team assists native pastors with their ministries while allowing these leaders to maintain control of their work.

    While we, as missionaries, have the ability to share the gospel with Thai people, we are hindered by less-than-perfect skills in the Thai language and culture. Thai church leaders, however, don’t have these hang-ups.

    If we can empower them to plant churches full of Thai Christians who are equipped to take the gospel to their communities, we can reach so much more than one Thai person at a time – we can reach entire teams of evangelists.

    You can learn more about our work at www.benandbeccajohnson.com

    The team is building an online business that will help Thai pastors and church members provide sustainable financial support for their churches and ministries and empower the growth of the Thai church.

    We believe business can be a very powerful means of empowering the church to grow. Business builds relationships.  It creates sustainable resources for growing churches.  And it can give Thai people the ability to lead and develop their own congregations.

    Learn more at: benandbeccajohnson.com/new-self-tech

    Meet The Team

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    Missions Opportunities Thailand

    The team is looking for:

    Facilitative Church Planters: Facilitative Church Planters will meet and build relationships with pastors in an assigned region of Thailand. They will work with Thai pastors to determine how our team can bless their ministry. They will then work with our entire team to determine how and when we can best help Thai pastors. They will pray for, encourage, and advocate for the pastors in their region.

    Online Business Leaders: To help create sustainable support for church planting and church planters, we are working to build an online business. We need people who are superstar practitioners and (more importantly) teachers of the following skills: web design, videography, social media/social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, accounting, etc, etc.

    Non-Profit Administrator: As the public face of our non-profit/ministry work in Thailand, it is our desire to build a Thai foundation (non-profit organization). We need a professional with experience in non-profit formation and leadership who can oversee the steps of building and leading a non-profit to include: communication of mission and vision to stakeholders, fundraising for launch and operational expenses, building and managing a team of like-minded Thai and missionary board members to oversee the foundation, creating systems and procedures to handle reception, prioritization, and execution of requests for ministry assistance.

    International School Teacher: Grace International School serves to provide quality education for the children of missionaries serving all over southeast Asia, as well as members of the Chiang Mai community. Serge teammates who serve as GIS teachers contribute to our team’s mission by caring for and educating our children, sharing the grace-based values of our team and organization, Serge, with the GIS community, and helping our team with non-school ministries (as they have time).

    Here are the ways you can join our team:

    How You Can Pray

    •  That the hearts of Southeast Asians would be open to the gospel of Jesus Christ
    •  That pastors and church planters would be encouraged and empowered by the gospel so that their churches and communities would grow in the grace of the Lord
    •  For strategic relationships with people who are ready for the ministry we offer and who will be able to bless others as a result

    Current Staffing Needs

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    Director of Finance – Thailand

    Empower Thai ministry leaders by serving as a Director of Finance for a publishing company to mak...

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