Biblical Training Specialist – Thailand

The Serge Thailand team is seeking a Biblical Training Specialist to offer specialized biblical/theological training with a distinctively reformed theology and worldview.

In working with and listening to Thai ministry leaders, the team has identified the need to offer specialized biblical/theological training. They do not desire to build a seminary but rather, are looking to offer training in specifically chosen topics that will augment what leaders have already received and supplement areas that are lacking.

This training will be a combination of in-person classes/seminars and online courses. However, even with online offerings, the team is committed to maintaining a personal touch to the educational experience.


  • Work with the Serge Thailand team to listen to Thai ministry leaders and determine what they believe are important training needs
  • Work with the Serge Thailand team to determine topics that are needed
  • Work together with Serge’s Renewal team and the Serge Thailand team to develop courses/trainings that are:
    • Biblical at their core
    • Reflective of a reformed perspective and worldview, while maintaining a gracious approach towards those who may not share the same worldview
    • Aligned with the missions, visions, and values of both Serge and Serge Thailand
    • Tailored to resonate with Thai people and their culture as the primary audience
    • Created to be delivered in the Thai language
  • Teach the lessons the team creates at in-person events
  • Assist in creating text, audio, and video versions of courses (Tech skills not necessary, but helpful!)
  • Disciple and encourage students enrolled in the courses

These training programs may encompass a range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • What is the gospel?
  • How does this gospel affect my life and ministry?
  • What is the church?
  • How do I plant a church in the context of a Thai village…with no money?
  • Serge’s “Sonship” discipleship course
  • And other topics as recommended by Thai ministry partners

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • This role requires a seminary-level education
  • It is also highly personal, so a love of teaching, discipling, and encouraging Thai ministry leaders is a must
  • While not necessary, experience in congregational or other people-focused teaching ministry is a major plus
  • This position requires learning the Thai language after arriving on the field

About Serge

Serge is an international missions agency that believes we need the gospel as much as anyone we are trying to reach. We want to see the power of God’s grace transform your own life and motivate and sustain you to move into the lives of others.

We want your ministry to be sustainable – our dedicated Member Care Team comes alongside you personally and proactively – providing tangible support for your entire length of service.

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