Director of Operations – Thailand


The Serge Thailand team is seeking a Director of Operations to oversee the production of online information products for a new publishing company (New Self Tech LLC) to make it profitable both in its financial bottom line and ministry bottom line.

The team has listened to Thai ministry leaders and learned that there is a great need to provide Thai people with the means of supporting their own church planting work. With this in mind, they are working to build an online publishing company that will provide potential Thai church leaders with the skills they need to establish and manage their own businesses. The overarching vision is to witness a flourishing landscape of Thai-led businesses that not only thrive but also support and empower the work of church planting all over Thailand.


  • Recruit, train, and supervise Thai product creation professionals who can speak, read, and write the English language, possess the technical skills required to perform product creation tasks, and demonstrate the potential to become godly elders or deacons in a local Thai church
  • Some of these tasks may include (but are not limited to) the following skills/roles:
    • Videography
    • Video editing
    • Web design
    • Copywriting
    • Graphic design
  • Oversee the creation of information products (reports, courses, memberships, communities, etc) for our growing list of online properties.
  • Because operations will have staff members with critical skills, they may also be called on to help with the creation of content for:
    • The sales and marketing team
    • The Biblical Training Team (not part of New Self Tech, but part of the Serge Thailand team’s non-profit ministries)
  • Work with other Serge teammates to nurture, disciple, and encourage Thai staff to prepare them for the task of helping and supporting the work of planting churches with Thai pastors.

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • This role requires, not just the knowledge and ability to create digital information products, but also the ability, passion, and desire to disciple and teach these skills to Thai staff members
  • Learning the Thai language after arriving on the field is required

About Serge

Serge is an international missions agency that believes we need the gospel as much as anyone we are trying to reach. We want to see the power of God’s grace transform your own life and motivate and sustain you to move into the lives of others.

We want your ministry to be sustainable – our dedicated Member Care Team comes alongside you personally and proactively – providing tangible support for your entire length of service.

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