The Art of Active Listening

With Laurel Kehl on August 14, 2019 at 11:00 am

Our days are filled with listening. And we can listen well. Or we can listen poorly. But what does listening well even look like? And what’s at risk when we listen poorly?


In this FREE live webinar, Former Missionary and Serge Renewal Specialist Laurel Kehl will give you –

  • The definition of active listening
  • Three vital components that will help you become a more active listener
  • A vision for listening well in discipling contexts

If you’re discipling others or just want to improve your listening skills, this webinar is for you.

About the Speaker: Serge Renewal Specialist Laurel Kehl

Laurel grew up in NE Ohio, but went out of state in order to study music therapy at Western Michigan University. The Lord intervened in that career path to lead her to CRU, where she served 38 years, 15 of them overseas, one in Communist Poland and 14 years in Moscow, Russia. She first met Serge staff at a Sonship conference in Moscow, which impacted her life at one of her lowest points of ministry. From there she used her furloughs to study Christian counseling at Philadelphia Biblical University, where she earned a Masters Degree. Laurel loves developing people, especially those serving in difficult parts of the world. When she’s not doing that, she enjoys teaching ESL, reading great stories, feasting her soul on beautiful music, and playing with children!