Seeing Those You Lead with Gospel Vision

With Josiah Bancroft on March 22, 2018 at 10:00 am

FREE interactive Serge webinar featuring Josiah Bancroft

Are you a ministry leader grappling with how to best lead and empower your people? What vision does scripture give of gospel-centric leadership, and how do we pull it off in real and practical ways?

Josiah Bancroft, Senior Director of Mission at Serge, will offer a FREE interactive webinar on Thursday, March 22, as part of our new Developing Leaders Series. The one-hour webinar, “Seeing Those you Lead with Gospel Vision,” will begin at 10 am ET, and will include a half-hour presentation followed by a live question-and-answer session.

Josiah will:

  • build a concise case for gospel-centric leadership around the apostle Paul and his interaction with the difficult Corinthian church
  • touch on how laying hold of the gospel for ourselves impacts our leadership in powerful ways
  • have us look expectantly toward what God will do in and through those we lead
  • help us apply these ideas toward the practical realities of everyday ministry life and leadership

As a leader of any sort in ministry, you’ll benefit from Josiah’s wise counsel, his vast experience, and his own gospel vision for those he leads.

We’ll send a discount code for Serge’s Discipler Training program to all attendees after the webinar.