Living with the Present Uncertainty

With Lindsay Kimball on December 2, 2020 at 11:00 am

Living with the Present Uncertainty

We’re all living through a major global crisis — and now, winter is coming. None of us know what 2021 holds.

With our normal frame of reference out the window… how do we live in the present when the future is unpredictable?

We can rest in the fact that hard times are nothing new to God. Though He doesn’t promise to keep us from hardships — He promises to walk with us through uncertain times.

In this FREE live webinar, Lindsay Kimball, Member Care Director at Serge and a Licensed Professional Counselor, gives guidance on:

  • How to stay present in the current circumstances God has placed you instead of worrying about the future
  • The importance of ongoing lament in the midst of long-term uncertainty
  • How to stay curious and hopeful about what God is doing in the world

Lindsay’s presentation is followed by a live Q and A session.

If you’re in need of grace to continue to live with faith in the pandemic, then this webinar is for you!

About the Speaker: Lindsay Kimball

Lindsay Kimball serves as Serge’s Member Care Director, focusing on how to help our missionaries in the field thrive and flourish over the long haul. Her time with Serge began with serving in Vienna, Austria on a church-planting team where she became passionate about walking with ministry workers, working to cultivate resilience and wellness so that they could have longevity in kingdom work. She is also a licensed professional counselor, and sees a small number of clients in Philadelphia, where she resides.