Serving Those Who Serve

Across the globe, Serge missionaries are working to advance the kingdom of God. But in some areas where we serve, educational resources are scarce.

When missionaries do not have education options for their children, they often have to leave the field prematurely or pull back significantly in their ministries.

To support our missionaries, Serge fields teachers to provide high-quality education for “missionary kids” and enable missionaries to focus on their ministry. 

Teaching MKs is a unique opportunity to serve missionary teams in a vital way and to make a massive impact on the academic, personal, and spiritual development of these children.

As a MK Teacher, you will –

  • Work in a unique school setting where you can give individualized attention to discipling and educating children
  • Develop curriculum and lesson plans
  • Instruct children in academic studies, differentiating instruction to help each child master the academic content presented
  • Prepare homework assignments and assessments; oversee standardized testing
  • Maintain student records
  • Maintain teaching credentials and participate in professional development activities
  • Participate in ministries with people from the local community as interests and gifts direct and time allows

Serge’s Missionary Kid Teachers juggle multiple grade levels and subjects, so we are seeking teachers who are skilled at managing a wide variety of student needs and subjects. Ideally, candidates would have at least 1 year of U.S. teaching experience, but teaching experience is not always required.

Serge MK teachers are passionate about teaching kids (and caring for third culture kids in particular), flexible, adaptable, collaborative, and excited to be in a close-knit community of MKs and their families.


What it’s like being an MK Teacher

Teachers may take on a range of subjects and grade levels, creating a one-of-a-kind classroom experience not found in traditional schools. In remote areas, MK teachers are encouraged to think outside the classroom, using the surrounding landscape as an educational tool.

One former MK teacher in Africa stated, 

“I loved taking my students on community field trips to see how cocoa was harvested, fermented and dried. We did nature journals following the cycle of the mango tree in our schoolyard. We took walks to the river and collected local clay for an art project.” 

How Serge cares for MK Teachers

We are dedicated to supporting our teachers in ways that meet their unique experiences. We work closely with teachers before deployment, resourcing them while they are on the field, and as they transition back to the United States.

We support MK teachers in a variety of ways during their term, including:

  • On-the-ground teaching training and coaching by seasoned Serge staff
  • Assistance with curriculum development
  • Connection to a large network of physicians, teachers, and psychologists in the US for specific challenges
  • Resources and tools for guiding “third-culture” kids academically, emotionally, and spiritually

Unlike other support-raising missionary jobs at Serge, in some cases, this position may be partially subsidized by generous donors.

How the Work Gets Done

We Work in Teams:  “Missionary Kid” teachers are invaluable members of our mission teams. Being part of a team provides you with a meaningful social life, shared prayer and worship, and the strength of working cross-culturally together.

In addition, MK teachers often collaborate with families in the education of their children, to tailor curriculum activities to their particular needs and challenges.

Want to learn more about becoming a MK Teacher? We’d love to talk with you.

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