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Modern Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has a long history of Christian tradition. St. Patrick arrived on the island in the 5th Century. Religious turmoil marked Ireland from the 1500s up through the 20th century. Recently, failures of the institutional church and the increasing secularization of the island have marked Irish society. At the same time, many Irish face few material needs and experience relative affluence, so there is little desperation or awareness of a need for God. The good news is that some Irish are becoming more authentic in their view of faith and Christianity.

Serge Ireland is convinced that the Irish people will see God’s great love for them and their great need for him through the enlightening of the Holy Spirit and the expression of the Good News in His Word.

What we do in Ireland

Serge Ireland has a primary focus of strengthening the Irish church in all of her expressions and supporting Irish believers as they engage their neighbors with the gospel. Serge Ireland is comprised of two teams.

The Metro Team is located in and around Dublin and primarily works with emerging leaders, the creative arts community, and Serge Apprentices.

The Motion Team focuses on Gospel expansion across the island, particularly through relationships with Irish church planters.

Serge Ireland Teammates:

  • Encourage spiritual formation and leadership development of church leaders, students, and young adults
  • Engage in personal evangelism with our friends and neighbors
  • Provide vision and leadership among the creative arts community
  • Support and mentoring church planters and church planting teams
  • Offer professional, gospel-centered counseling


As one of Serge’s first countries of service, Serge Ireland has worked alongside many national leaders to support the establishment, growth, and multiplication of several churches.

Additionally, through the Apprentice and Internship programs, we’ve been blessed to see spiritual renewal in the lives of many young adults as they gain a deeper understanding of their identity in Christ through intentional study of the gospel.  As beloved sent ones, these young adults have gone on to become church and ministry leaders, and godly influences in their homes and workplaces.

Dublin, Ireland

This Celtic cross pays homage to Patric's famous three-leaf clover illustration for the Trinity.

The sea is never far in Ireland.

Discover music in Irish culture.

Learn what it means to lift high the cross in one of the world's most rapidly secularizing cultures.

Form cross-cultural friendships.

Learn more about the way Americans and Irish have come together to lead Encounter.

Building the Team

Serge Ireland is seeking individuals who are willing to immerse themselves in the fabric of the Irish culture and become rooted in local communities. We desire to build our team with members who have a strong gospel-centered identity and an ability to function as catalytic encouragers for the local church.

How you can pray

  • For God to provide a team leader and team to serve in N. Ireland
  • For the many faithful church leaders and church planters on the island
  • For Serge missionary Apprentices to gain rooting and clarity for their God-given callings
  • For emotional and spiritual healing for individuals being counseled by Serge staff
  • For the gospel to go forth through the creative arts community in Ireland

How to get involved

Over many years Serge has seen the fruitfulness of Irish church plants. You can give to the Serge Irish Church Planter Fund and help provide start-up grants for church plants across Ireland.

By God’s grace, Serge-Ireland has implemented this partnership with five different pastors in the past ten years.