Facilitative Church Planting Team Leader – Cork, Ireland

The Serge workers in Cork, Ireland, have built relationships with Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Ireland (Anglican), and non-denominational churches. Our Cork-based facilitation church planters work with leaders from a variety of Christian traditions with an emphasis on grace-centered evangelism, mission, and prayer. In other words, we want to see the Serge mission, vision, and values lived out in local churches. We do this by coming alongside church leaders and their spouses to encourage them in the ministry God has called them to. We function not as “experts” but as friends who spur on our brothers and sisters (Hebrews 10:24, 25; Proverbs 27:17). 

At present, only one Serge family lives in Cork. Serge would like to place at least two more families/singles in Cork, given the opportunities to serve among local pastors and leaders in the city. Serge is looking for a team leader who could build on the foundation already laid by leading an expanded team presence in Cork city.


  • Maintain team vision and focus team’s efforts in a way that is consistent with Serge’s vision, mission, and values
  • Recruit new team members gifted in gospel renewal and facilitative church planting, as well as with diaconal and evangelistic gifts
  • Supervise and provide pastoral care to team members
  • Provide in-country orientation, as well as visa assistance for new team members
  • Network and build partnerships with like-minded national ministries
  • Oversee team’s financial, legal, and immigration requirements
  • Communicate team’s goals, activities, blessings, and needs to supporters and wider Serge community
  • Engage in facilitative church planting, gospel renewal work, and personal outreach according to personal gifts and calling, as primary ministry alongside team leadership

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

  • Humility and commitment to learning
  • Pioneering spirit
  • Previous experience as a pastor, church planter, or missionary 
  • Experience in leadership and management
  • Heart for the pastoral care of team members
  • Passion for Serge’s Kingdom vision of reach (church planting), renew (gospel discipleship and mentoring), and restore (mercy ministry to the needy, including B4T possibilities)
  • Willingness to face, and lead others in spiritually challenging conditions
  • Commitment to working in a team for God’s glory, not individual or even Serge’s glory

About Serge

Serge is an international missions agency that believes we need the gospel as much as anyone we are trying to reach. We want to see the power of God’s grace transform your own life and motivate and sustain you to move into the lives of others.

We want your ministry to be sustainable – our dedicated Member Care Team comes alongside you personally and proactively – providing tangible support for your entire length of service.

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