Who is the Apprenticeship in Ireland for?

  • Individuals with a love of learning, perseverance, honesty, vulnerability, social intelligence, teamwork, humility, gratitude, hope, humor, a servant’s heart, risk-takers, friendship-builders and a heart for the unchurched
  • College graduates
  • Followers of Jesus who are becoming Christ-dependent, Spirit-empowered, and passionate for the Kingdom of God — at home and abroad
  • Ordinary individuals who aren’t afraid to ask the questions, “What does it look like to lay down my life?” “What is my purpose?” and “How do I remain faithful to following Jesus for the long term?”
  • Believers who set aside their own cultural trappings in order to see the beauty of God as expressed in other cultures
  • People living out their calling to BE as well as their calling to DO, propelled by the grace of God with a posture of faith, hope and courage for the Gospel
  • Servant leaders immersed in an Irish ministry context which results in a community of mutual support, encouragement and hope

What Your Apprenticeship in Ireland Will Include

Teaching: (1) Exploring the significance of God given passions, interests and gifts in the discovery of one’s purpose and destiny to influence others and society for the glory of God. (2) Cross cultural ministry training. (3) Guided prayer retreats, monthly days of quiet and solitude and spiritual disciplines training (4) Engaging the unchurched with the gospel through relationships and evangelistic resources (5) Theology and practice of Christian leadership (6) Sonship and Gospel-Centered Life spiritual formation courses.

Experience: A cultural immersion and guided cross-cultural ministry experience in an Irish ministry context. Apprentices will work in a local church or non-profit ministry, with potential assignments in children’s/youth ministry, church-planting support, the creative arts, tutoring/mentoring, and more. They will participate in the Serge summer intern program. The Irish ministry placement will be primary in the experience of the apprentice and the relationship with Serge will be secondary. This allows for a significant immersion experience and has the benefit of deeper relationships and ministry in the host culture.

Discipleship: An Irish pastor or ministry leader will provide on-going discipleship within the context of the “job placement.” A Serge mentor will complement this relationship throughout the year. The summer internship (8 weeks) will be under Serge leadership.

Leadership: Opportunities for leadership with both the summer internship and the year-round ministry placement will be abundant. There is a heavy emphasis on understanding biblical leadership and embracing the ways God has equipped all of us to influence others for the glory of God.

Apprenticeship Schedule

June thru July: Summer Training

  • Spiritual formation through Sonship course, manuscript Bible study, mentors within a community of Irish and American students.
  • Outreach teams with Irish churches and non-profit ministries
  • A guided prayer retreat and prayer walks at ministry sites
  • Orientation to Irish culture and debrief of summer experience

August: Rest and Transition

  • Holiday, transition into “job placement” context, planning for autumn, communication with support team, personal study and reflection, “spying out the land.”

September–May: Job Placement

  • Defined job role with Irish church or ministry (30 hours a week)
  • Structured study and personal development plan, Irish peer relational opportunities, small group, lifestyle evangelism (20 hours a week)
  • Coaching with Serge mentor, Serge team meetings (TBD)
  • Holidays and guided excursions

How much does the Apprenticeship Cost?

Cost is to be determined. Contact us to find out more.