From Surgery to Education: 10 Opportunities for Medical Missions in 2024


From Surgery to Education: 10 Opportunities for Medical Missions in 2024

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Thanks to the increasing ability to use technology even in places with limited resources, the focus of Christian medical missions has shifted towards greater collaboration and strengthening existing local institutions.

This change has given rise to a growing need for medical missionaries with a diverse range of specialties, engaging not only in healthcare but also in teaching, discipling, and research, while embracing a holistic approach that encompasses preventive, curative, and palliative care.

Some of these specialties include those that are sometimes considered “overlooked” or “challenging”, yet often play a crucial role in serving the most vulnerable members of the community.

If you’re considering medical missions, here are 10 unique opportunities to use your skills in 2024 and beyond:

Long-Term Opportunities:

Physical Therapist – Lima, Peru

Provide therapeutic care at a local clinic dedicated to serving the disabled community in Lima, Peru.

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Physician – South Asia

Provide essential obstetrics and gynecology care to the underserved population in the greater Himalayan region.

Anesthesiologist – Kijabe, Kenya

Oversee nurse anesthetists in the OR and provide training for a new residency program.

Medical Workers with Ministry Opportunities – South Asia

Work part-time in a community clinic while also having dedicated time to engage in evangelism and discipleship as part of a church planting team. Medical opportunities available for various specialties, including: Radiologists, General surgeons, Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Primary care physicians, RNs, Anesthesiologists, and others.

Family Medicine / OB Doctor – Nkhoma, Malawi

Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi is seeking another doctor to partner with the Family Medicine Residency.

Dentist – Kijabe, Kenya

Provide dental care for a variety of patients of all ages and train/teach newly graduated dentists.

Biblical Counselor – South Asia

Help start a counseling center in South Asia ministering to nationals and expatriates.

Audiologist – Kijabe, Kenya

Provide audiology care and training for infants to adults in Kijabe, Kenya.


Short-Term Opportunities:

MK Teacher and Healthcare Internship – Kapsowar, Kenya

This one-year vocational internship is a great option for those who not only have a heart for education and children but also medical missions. (Extensive teaching experience is not required.) 

Provide educational support to missionary children in small-group settings during the mornings. And in the afternoons, you’ll spend several dedicated hours per day shadowing Serge’s medical missionaries at the hospital.

Internship Dates: January, 2024 – August, 2024 (specific dates are flexible)

Summer Internships with Medical Opportunites– Various Locations

Dip your toes into ministry with these 8-week Summer Internships with a medical focus:

    • Burundi — where you can connect with Burundian medical students and gain insight into the medical education program at Kibuye Hope Hospital.
    • South Asia — where you can shadow nurses, doctors, and therapists in a community hospital.
    • Internship Dates: June 5 – August 7, 2024
    • Early decision application deadline is November 10, 2023

Choosing the Right Organization:

As you explore these opportunities and others, finding the right organization is just as important as the specialty you choose to pursue. Look for an organization that shares your theological and missional values, and one that truly gets what medical missionaries need, including member care support.

Consider attending conferences like GMHC, where you can engage with a multitude of agencies, each with its own unique approach and vision. These gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to establish personal connections with real people within these organizations, gaining valuable insights and forging meaningful relationships.

As you narrow down your choices, seek out personal connections with missionaries already serving in a capacity that aligns with your interests within your chosen agency. Their firsthand experiences and guidance can offer invaluable perspectives, ensuring that your journey into medical missions is not only fulfilling but also impactful.

In the end, the choice of the right organization can make all the difference in your medical mission journey. It’s a decision that, when made thoughtfully and prayerfully, can lead to a lifetime of meaningful service and transformational impact in the lives of those you are called to serve.

Meet Serge at GMHC 2023

Our approach to medical missions is holistic – curative, preventative, and sustainable. Meet Serge missionaries and recruiters at the Global Missions Health Conference on November 9-11, 2023 in Louisville, KY.

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