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The London Neighborhood of Southall

London is a city at the crossroads of the world, and Southall is the junction where East meets West, rich meets poor, and the educated meet the illiterate. Known as “Little India,” nearly half of Southall’s residents are of South Asian decent. Southall is a unique place to celebrate many aspects of South Asian culture and also witness to the life-changing love of Christ.

Ministry Expressions

The Serge team, in partnership with New Life Masih Ghar Church, sees the church as a sign, instrument, and foretaste of God’s Kingdom. The church then seeks to bless the community of Southall through Scripture teaching, fellowship, worship, service, and justice. This includes Sunday worship gatherings, Bible studies, charity (thrift) shops, youth club, kids club, young adults outreach, and a “mums and tots” group, and all kinds of relationships in our community.


Since 1994, the Serge team has been active in Southall. In partnership with others, the team started New Life Masih Ghar Church (NLMG) in 1997. NLMG is now a congregation made up of people from many different countries and religious backgrounds who are united in common faith in Jesus. Worship takes place primarily in English, but the church also integrates South Asian language and culture as they gather on Sunday and through out the week. NLMG runs a growing number of charity (thrift) shops that exist to provide an evangelistic presence in the community, create jobs, and generate income for mission work in South Asia. In all ministries, the team is committed to equipping local believers to continue serving for years to come.

Building the Team

The Southall team has an immediate need for a “Kingdom Business” Starter/Manager.

The team also seeks seminary-trained pastors, evangelists, deacons, and those gifted in youth ministry to join the team. New members should enjoy cultural diversity. They should be self-starters who influence others through teaching, friendship, and leadership, willing to lay themselves down for God’s glory and the good of Southall.


  • That NLMG church would grow in maturity and in numbers;
  • That new Christian leaders would be raised up to serve in Southall.


Southall Music Project


Church website: http://www.nlmg.org