U.K. — Hounslow

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The London Neighborhood of Hounslow

Situated 12 miles west of Big Ben lies one of the world’s most ethnically diverse areas: Hounslow High Street. It is estimated that annually over 10 million people walk the streets of Hounslow, creating a tremendous opportunity to speak the Good News of Jesus into the lives of people from all around the world. The vast majority of Hounslow’s residents are immigrants from Asia and Africa, making this a key location for ministry in a Global city.

Despite Hounslow’s rich cultural diversity and heavily walked high street, it is not considered a desirable location – consistently ranking amongst the worst boroughs in London. Due to Hounslow’s struggling reputation, the government is investing in an extensive gentrification plan to revitalize the community. While new shops, cinemas and flats may be a good start, real change and beauty come from Jesus alone. The Serge Hounslow Team believes that there is an opportunity to be involved on the ground level of these changes coming to Hounslow. If you like an underdog story, then the work in Hounslow might be right up your alley!

Ministry Expressions

The Serge team seeks to establish a culturally understandable church among the borough’s diverse community. In addition the team hopes to start a multi-functional Kingdom Minded Business that would be a consistent presence on the High Street.

Building the Team

The Serge Hounslow team is prayerfully seeking Kingdom-minded risk takers & self-starters to join in on this exciting ground-breaking work. New work is often slow – requiring perseverance, courage, creativity and an adventurous spirit – but most importantly, a deep love for Christ and His church. New team members should enjoy cultural diversity and the pursuit of new friendships.

Current Staffing Needs:

  • Entrepreneur/Community Outreach Worker
  • Digital Marketing Specialist/Community Outreach Worker
  • Barista Manager/Community Outreach Worker
  • ESL Teacher/Community Outreach Worker
  • Bible Teacher
  • Apprentices


  • For courage to step into the unknown and seek first the Kingdom of God.

  • For God to raise up many local disciples in Hounslow that have a vision for seeing their neighbourhood transformed by the Gospel.

  • For wisdom for the Serge team as they seek to be a blessing in the Hounslow community while being sensitive to the leading of God’s Spirit.