Japan – Nagoya

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Nagoya, Japan

With less than 1% of the population professing faith in Christ, the Japanese represent one of the largest unreached groups in the world. The city of Nagoya is strategically located in central Japan between the major cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. With an established local seminary and recent progress among local church planters, Nagoya is a prime base for future leaders who will carry the Gospel into new areas of Japan.

What we do in Nagoya

The Serge Nagoya team currently partners with All Nations Fellowship, a bilingual multisite church in Nagoya.  Through the church, the team offers internships and church planting apprenticeships to Japanese students at Christ Bible Seminary. The team also partners with the Church Planting Institute (CPI) of Japan to implement retreats and mentoring that focus on gospel renewal for church leaders.


Through ANF church, the team has baptized 12 individuals and mentored 6 seminary students as interns in the last 3 years. Two Japanese seminary graduates were hired as church planting apprentices, with one now leading as pastor of the church’s downtown campus. Serge has also helped carry out 3 bilingual Grace Week retreats (similar to Sonship Week).

Building the Team

The team seeks Japanese speakers, or those willing to learn the language, who are interested in working with pastors, church plants, children, as mentors, administrators, and evangelists. Additionally, those gifted in worship and the arts are needed and encouraged to apply.


  • For young leaders and church planters for the Japanese church
  • For renewal in existing churches and leaders
  • For churches like All Nations Fellowship to reach the Japanese with the gospel


All Nations Fellowship has an apprenticeship fund that pays the full-time salary of Japanese men preparing to become church planters. Additionally, we have connections with a variety of Japanese church planters who are always in need of funding. Pastors are typically paid very low salaries in Japan, so we always need scholarships for ministry couples to attend events like Grace Week.

You can learn more about All Nations Fellowship at:  allnationsfellowship.net