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Serge Internships

Discover how God can use you, your gifts—even your brokenness—as a vessel to pour out His grace to others in cross-cultural ministry.

Serge’s internship program is your opportunity to spend eight weeks of your summer serving others overseas under the guidance of one of our missionary teams.

In addition to hands-on ministry work, you’ll experience personal discipleship through the Christ-centered, grace-based teaching and mentoring that shapes the vision, mission, and culture of Serge.

What You Will Learn

  • How to build relationships and share the gospel cross-culturally
  • Live in deep community alongside missionaries and fellow summer interns
  • Be discipled to understand your ongoing need for God’s grace and power in your life
  • Explore your gifts in a cross-cultural context
  • See how God’s kingdom is growing and deepening across the world

What Others Are Saying

A Serge internship will draw you closer to Jesus in completely new contexts, and it’ll be the means through which God will graciously allow you to be a light in the lives of His people all over the world. This experience will show you brokenness within yourself and in the lives of others that runs deeper than you’ve ever realized, but it’ll point you to the gospel in ways that run even deeper.

<p>Ashland, Uganda intern 2013</p>

Ashland, Uganda intern 2013

Explore how you can use your degree for the world's good and God's glory.

Make enduring friendships.

Get your hands dirty!

Learn how to have rich, cross-cultural friendships.

Explore places you never imagined you would go.

Two interns explore Spain.

On mission.

Learn to take God more seriously and yourself less seriously.

Two interns explore Europe.

How will teaching in a different culture make you a better teacher?

One intern expands her palette and cooking skills in Uganda.

Letting loose in Ireland.

Irish beaches.

Serge interns debrief their summer and how they have grown.

Serge interns stay connected through reunions.

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