Hospitality Management (Bakery) Vocational Intern – South Asia

A Serge team in urban South Asia owns and operates a coffee shop / café in a large S. Asian city. The workers on this team have envisioned the coffee shop to be a key outreach opportunity and a creative way love the community. Their goals are to deliver a good product (coffee roasting and baked goods); provide a safe space for the community; and display the love of our Father through the way the staff loves and cares for each other.

The team is seeking a Vocational Intern with hospitality experience who has a social entrepreneurship vision and demonstrates a deep commitment to supporting women affected by human trafficking. This individual should have a strong desire to offer hope and compassionate care to these marginalized women.

All experience in the hospitality industry is relevant for this position — especially management, coffee, or cooking.

Internship Duration: Flexible, ranging from 4 to 11 months.



1. Oversee and manage the Bakery department of the company

  • Support and advance the vision, mission, and values of the company
  • Execute and supervise strategic priorities for the kitchen, in line with the guidance of the leadership team
  • Provide leadership and guidance to kitchen managers and bakers
  • Participate in leadership meetings representing the department

2. Strategically contribute to the business in food-related advancement and development

  • Play a creative role in menu development, particularly in the realm of baking
  • Generate innovative ideas and improvements in food offerings and production processes
  • Train and educate others in the art of baking
  • Embrace a social entrepreneurship vision aimed at empowering and providing hope to women within the business

3. Act as a Servant Leader

  • Fulfill all roles necessary for the café’s operation, including serving, cashiering, and cleaning
  • Lead by example, displaying a preference for others, and nurturing strong, compassionate relationships while maintaining accountability

Requirements and Critical Qualities:

The right applicant should have experience and interest in at least one of the following areas (and an openness and ability to learn the other areas as well):

1. Café Manager: Manage the day-to-day operations of a coffee shop. Emulate and inspire the mission of the coffee shop to love the community, love the product, and love each other. Hold a social entrepreneurship vision for the business with a heart passion to provide hope to women enslaved by human trafficking.

2. Craft Coffee: Seeking someone who is proficient in the craft of coffee roasting and has experience in roasting coffee to multiple specifications using small and large coffee roasters. Able to train others to use a coffee roaster. Preference for someone who is interested in the purchase of green berries and sale/marketing of the final product.

3. Chef / Cook: Seeking a chef to lead a team in preparing a wide variety of food and pastry items for a coffee shop in a large South Asian city. Design menus, develop new recipes, and train others in the practice and art of food production.

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