From the Field

Missionary Mobilization and the Overflow of Grace

From the Field

Missionary Mobilization and the Overflow of Grace

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I’d like to introduce you to Amal.

He is a man who had a singular focus. He was determined to join his country’s military force believing it was the only way his family could escape their poverty. Amal was denied entry into the national army 16 times. Too many men wanted to join. But he would not give up trying.

James,* a local Serge missionary, knew Amal. James was preparing for a three-day trip—on foot—through the Himalayan mountains to provide medical care in a remote village. He needed an extra man to help carry supplies. Amal agreed to the job.

So they headed out and on the way they talked. For the first time, Amal heard about Jesus, a God who was so very different than his household gods. He simply had never heard.

As the trip continued, Amal saw James lovingly provide for the physical needs of the villagers. The good news about Jesus reached Amal’s ears and was demonstrated before his eyes.

On the trek home, Amal cried out to the living God and came to faith in Jesus. He went home, gathered up all his household idols, and threw them away.

Shortly afterward, Amal came to James and said, “I don’t want to join the army anymore. I want to share with people how they could be freed from their fear by turning away from idols and serving the living God.”

Remarkably, since Amal came to faith he has helped plant 12 churches in 12 local villages! Amazing, isn’t it?

This is how God’s grace reaches the fray of our world!


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