Kenya — Nairobi

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Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is one of the most influential cities in Africa. It is also the capital of Kenya and is the second-largest city in the Great Lakes region. In addition to being a major center for African business and politics, a significant number of international businesses and organizations have offices in Nairobi as well.

A cosmopolitan and multicultural city, people from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds are drawn to Nairobi in search of new opportunities. While the search for opportunities rewards some, many struggle in urban poverty while they hope for their dreams to be realized.

Ministry Expressions

Missionary efforts began in Kenya more than a century ago, resulting in widespread conversions and church planting initiatives. However, much of the church in Kenya is characterized by legalism, division, emotionalism, tribalism, and vulnerability to heretical teachings.

The Serge team in Nairobi seeks to address these needs in a variety of ways, sports ministry, medical ministry, and pastoral leadership training. Additionally, the team is engaged with rural churches outside of Nairobi through a “Bible Storying” ministry that helps church leaders deepen their understanding of the gospel and how God’s Word fits together as one big story with an ongoing redemptive theme.


The gospel-centered ministry focus of Serge has impacted the lives of many people in Nairobi. The Serge team is seeing fruit in the following areas:

  • Working with young people to provide skill development, employment, and discipleship through Equip, a community development organization, and Ambassadors Football Kenya, a football (soccer) ministry;
  • Engaging unreached communities to share the love of Jesus through a medical clinic, football (soccer) ministry, and evangelism through a local church;
  • Training regional pastors and leaders in chronological Bible storying; and
  • Providing ministry leadership for a church (led by a Kenyan) to serve the local community.

Building The Team

The Serge team in Nairobi seeks individuals with a strong gospel-centered identity and a vision for cross-cultural ministry in a fluid environment. Potential team members should have a strong desire to disciple believers in the gospel and an interest in one or more of the ministry areas we are already engaged in.

We are looking for individuals or couples with a clear sense of their gifts who are ready to seize ministry opportunities while embodying the fruit of the Spirit. Currently we are open to add to our team in the areas of community development in an urban setting, medical staff working with the refugee community and Apprentices for our upcoming Apprenticeship program.


  • Pray for unity as a team as our work takes us to different places around Nairobi investing in unique communities. Pray that we would learn to appreciate and celebrate the diversity within our team,
  • Pray for the gospel of Jesus to sink deep into the hearts of Christians whom we work with and live life alongside,
  • Pray that spiritual roots would grow deeper, in place where Christianity can be a mile wide and an inch deep,
  • Pray for the gospel to move forward in the unreached people groups that we work with. Pray that we would have wisdom and boldness to lovingly engage in these communities.