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Kijabe, Kenya

Kijabe, which means “place of the wind” in the Maasai language, is located on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, 30 miles northwest of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. With a population of 17,000, the town of Kijabe is a community of small landholders, anchored by a train station along the Uganda Railway. A longtime base for missionaries in East Africa, Kijabe is home to a hospital, a Christian boarding school, and a Bible college.

Ministry Expressions

Since 2011, the Serge team in Kijabe has served in the areas of healthcare and education. At Kijabe Hospital, team members minister to poor and vulnerable patients in the name of Christ while mentoring and training African medical residents. Members have launched a new program in community development at Moffat Bible College. Serge team members have also served missionary kids as teachers and counselors at Rift Valley Academy. Serge currently engages with students by providing health care and extra curricular support.


Patients come to Kijabe Hospital from across Kenya and beyond, seeking healing and hope. Through high-quality health care and attention to personal needs, the Serge team is able to extend compassion to those in need, giving glory to God. By equipping college students with training in community development, they are prepared to initiate holistic, gospel-centered ministries in their home communities throughout the region. And by ministering to missionary kids at Rift Valley Academy, the team also serves their families who are sharing the grace and love of Christ throughout Africa.

Building the Team

The Serge team seeks an orthopedic surgeon and family medicine physician to serve at Kijabe Hospital.


  • For the love of Jesus to bring hope and transformation through our work in healthcare, community development and education;
  • For the medical, Bible college, and primary and secondary school students we are working with to experience the grace of the Gospel;
  • For unity, love, and renewal within our team.


Patient fees at Kijabe Hospital are intentionally kept low, even by African standards, in order to accommodate and serve the most vulnerable patients. Nonetheless, there are still some patients who are unable to pay their medical bills. Funds donated to any of the Needy Patients’ Funds will go directly towards paying the expenses incurred by the most vulnerable patients.


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