Kenya — Chogoria

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The History of Chogoria

PCEA Chogoria Hospital was founded in 1922 by Dr. Clive Irvine of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. With a vision for creating a regional hub where compassionate healthcare could intersect with church-planting and discipleship, the town of Chogoria was birthed and grew up with the church and hospital as its anchor. 100
years later, it still serves as a beacon of hope to those in the area surrounding Mt. Kenya, and to the trainees that are being equipped in the Gospel and sent out as missionaries to their own communities.

The Ministry of Chogoria

Chogoria also serves as the birthplace for the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, which now oversees the running of the PCEA Chogoria Hospital. Communicating the Gospel through Word and Deed remains a central tenet of the hospital’s vision. The missionaries support this vision through their involvement in a diverse range of ministries that represent each of their unique gifts and passions. Some of these include providing compassionate clinical care, training Family Medicine Residents, leading hospital-wide continuing education opportunities, supporting hospital chaplains, and participating in community outreach through the Palliative Care Department. Additionally, they are involved in leadership at the local church and weekly Bible studies for those who work at the hospital.

Building the Team

The Chogoria mission team is currently recruiting for Gospel-centered individuals who desire to invest in the hospital and community. Specifically, there are vacancies in Family Medicine, General/Orthopedic Surgery, Community Outreach, Chaplain Support on the Pediatric Ward, and as Teaching Assistant for missionary kids.


  • For the hospital to maintain its original Gospel vision in the community;
  • For wisdom and integrity of hospital leadership;
  • For healthy partnership between missionaries and the hospital;
  • For God to bring like-minded individuals to invest in training and Gospel mentorship.


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